• How to change the language on the computer?

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    How to change the language on the computer?

    Now it is hardly possible to meet such a person who does not use a computer. However, many people have difficulty mastering operating systems. Some are just newbies and they don’t know much. For example, such a simple thing as language switching in the Windows operating system. To help our readers prepared material that is intended for beginners. From it you will learn how to change the language on the computer.

    Switch the input language of Windows 7

    As an example of switching the input language, we took the Windows 7 operating system. With this example, you can learn how to work with input languages ​​in both earlier and later versions of Windows.

    The current input language is displayed on a special panel that the user can see in the lower right corner. By clicking on the logo with the name of the language, you can change the language from Russian to English and vice versa. You can also select other input languages.

    To see other languages, just select the language bar,then in the pop-up menu, select any of the available languages. However, a more convenient way to select a language is to assign hotkeys.

    • The combination of hot keys for switching the input language is automatically configured when you install the Windows 7 operating system. It can be changed using the settings menu. To do this, go to the Language bar and in the notification area select the item "Options";
    • After that, you will see the "Text Input Languages ​​and Services" window. Select the General tab and the default input language. This language will be activated automatically;
    • You can also go to the tab "Combination for input languages", which is located in the section "Keyboard Switching." You can assign the key combination ctrl + shift or shift + alt;
    • To change the shortcut, select "Change shortcut".

    There is another way to assign an input language.

    1. You need to use the section "Languages ​​and regional standards", which is located in the Start menu.
    2. Go to the "Control Panel" component, then select Clock, Language, and Region, and then you will be taken to the "Regional and Language Options" section.
    3. Go to the "Advanced" tab.Select the "Program Language" area, which does not support unicode. Next, click the "Change system language" button. The system may require you to enter a password that was set to start Windows 7. Enter the password and click OK.

    Reboot the system for the changes to take effect. After that, you can use the designated input language.

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