• How to change the start page in Google Chrome?

    August 31, 2014
    How to change the start page in Google Chrome?

    The start page is something that opens every time you start your browser. This can be your favorite site, a search engine or a blank page. In our previous article, we already told how to remove the start page, and now let's talk about how to change the start page in Google Chrome.

    Change the start page in Google Chrome

    To change the start page in Chrome, launch the browser and click the button in the form of three horizontal bars in the upper right corner. In the menu that appears, select "Settings".

    The settings page will open. Find the “Start group” item on it to change the start page in “Chrome”. The first option is the “Quick Access Page”. This means an empty tab with a search line and visual bookmarks of sites that you most often visit.

    Another option is “To continue work from the same place”. If you select this option, when you start the browser will show those tabs that were open in it at the time of closing.

    Finally, the third option - "Next page".This is where you can choose which sites should open when the browser starts. Click the "Add" link. In the window that appears, enter the URL of the page in the "Add page" field and click "OK" if you want to limit yourself to just one site.

    There is also the possibility to open several pages at launch. To use it, after entering the URL of the page, press not “OK”, but [Enter] on the keyboard. Thus, you can create a list of several starting pages. When finished, click OK.

    Pay attention to the option "Use the current page." It allows you to make a start page or pages that are currently open. Click this button and all open sites will appear in the list. If you wish, you can remove unnecessary pages from this list by clicking on the cross next to the address. When finished, click “OK”.

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