• How to change the tie rod

    You will need
    • - spanners;
    • - center punch;
    • - nippers;
    • - screwdriver.
    Consider the replacement of the tie rod on the example of the car "Oka". For work, you will need the usual set of tools in these cases: wrenches, center pins, nippers and a screwdriver. First, loosen the lock nut of the outer tie rod end and unscrew the tie rod tip, mentally counting and remembering the number of revolutions that will be necessary when installing the tip.
    After that, unscrew the nozzle locknut and remove the clamps from the outer and inner rims of the protective cover. Gently pry and remove the inner rim of the cover from the tie rod housing. Now you can remove the protective cover and disassemble the collar of the ball lock lock nut with a key inserted all the way between the end of the crankcase and the lock nut.
    In the next step, loosen the lock nut and tighten and twist the ball from the steering rack. Thus, the thrust is disconnected, and you can remove the ball joint.
    Your next action will be the removal from the hole in the rail thrust support and the bias spring. As a rule, the hole in the rail and other dismantled parts are covered with old grease and a layer of dirt and must be cleaned. After a thorough inspection, replace the worn parts - ball bearings, thrust supports or damaged protective cover. Lubricate the hole in the rail and ball bearing with grease, after which you can install a spring and support rod in the hole of the rail so that the spherical part is out.
    The ball bearing should be installed and wrapped so that there is no backlash and that the thrust moves freely in the support. It remains quite a bit - tighten the locknut, tighten the collar, install a protective cover and fix it with new clamps. You can consider the work completed after installing the protective cover and fixing it with new clamps, checking the tightness of the rims of the cover and installing the outer tip of the thrust.

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