• How to change your login in "Classmates"?

    Kristina Firsova
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    How to change your login in "Classmates"?

    Today it is very important to have a personal page on the social network. If earlier the registration was held mainly by the youth audience, then today you can find quite different age categories there. In most cases, aged people are registered in order to find someone from school friends or people with whom they spoke in their youth. But, as it turned out, very often, after passing a simple registration, people forget their personal data that they entered or want to change. What to do in such cases? But you should not worry, this problem is solved. For example, take this very popular social network Odnoklassniki. How to change your login in "Classmates"?

    When registering, you completely enter your personal data, and also come up with a username and password that will be used every time you enter the site.Login, as a rule, does not have to come up because you can login to make the address of your mailbox. But if it turned out that you want to change your data, but still do not know how to change your login in Odnoklassniki, do not worry, the procedure itself will not take you much time.

    Under your photo there is a list of menus, select the settings item, then "Login changes", later on you will receive an SMS with a login change confirmation code on your mobile phone. Enter the code in the window that opens on the screen, then enter a new login. The login procedure is complete. To change the password in the settings menu, you just need to select "Change password", then fill in a few lines in which you must specify the current password, then a new password that you would like to set. Changes applied. That's all, you have already succeeded in changing your login and password!

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