• How to choose a haircut

    Consider the shape of your face and its proportions. The easiest way to choose a haircut to the oval face. If you have too long face, then you will fit bangs. It will reduce the vertical size of the open part of the face. If your "oval" tends to circle, you do not need a bang, or it should be asymmetrical with a slanting parting.
    For a round face with thick hair, elongated haircuts are suitable. In this case, the hair strands from the sides mask the face, and the asymmetrical fringe visually lengthens the face. For thin hair with this form of face, short haircuts with a volume at the crown and short cropped temples are ideal.
    With a square face shape, a haircut with wavy strands is appropriate. Waves create an image of "airiness", which smoothes the corners and visually lengthens the face. If you have natural hair straight, a cascade haircut will suit you. And to hide the shape of the face will help "design" of the individual strands.
    With a rectangular face type, it is important to visually expand the area of ​​the temples and cheekbones. It is necessary to narrow the area of ​​the forehead and chin.This can be achieved with symmetrical bangs and creating volume in the chin area. The haircut itself should be slightly rounded. In this case, short haircuts, center parting and straight lines are not allowed.
    For a triangular face, haircuts with “narrowing” in the upper part are suitable. This may be an asymmetrical hairstyle, side parting, rather long bangs. Avoid strands going down to the cheekbones. The lower part of the face should remain open.
    Pay attention to the hair structure. For fine hair, a cascading haircut, bob or bob is perfect. And the hair itself should be short or elongated, but not as long. Although now an experienced master with the help of special procedures and proper coloring can make thin long hair very beautiful.
    For thick hair of medium length fit bangs and ragged contour strands. With very “heavy” hair, oblique bangs look good. Curly hair should be cut so as to visually bring the shape of the face to the ideal. It is also necessary to take into account the direction of their natural growth. With wavy hair bang undesirable.

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