• How to choose a leather jacket

    Considera jacketattentively. The skin should be soft, warm, pleasant to the touch. Put your palm on the surface of the model you have chosen. Genuine leather will heat up quickly, while artificial leather will remain cold. Give preference to products from calf or sheep skin, they are more durable and will not be worn for more than one season, unlike, for example, from pigskin.
    Spend a moist handkerchief on the jacket. If there are paint stains on it, then you are offered a poorly painted specimen. The thickness of the skin should be the same on the entire surface, including the armpits and collar. Also on a quality jacket made of genuine leather there can not be any cracks, creases and scuffs. Carefully review the label on the availability of information about the manufacturer and the rules of care.
    Measurea jacket. Try to move in it, raise your arms, bend over, sit down. If your movements are difficult, the jacket is hanging by the bag or shifted to the back, feel free to ask for a different size.On the full chest, the lock should be easily fastened, and the figure should not be constrained. Pay attention to the sleeves. If they tightly arm, then refuse to purchase such a model. Check that all rivets, buttons, zippers and buttons are undone.
    Pick a leathera jacketaccording to your figure. Of course, slender girls fit almost all styles, from the "aviator" to a stylish jacket. Ladies with full forms should choose the classic models of black or brown colors. If you have full hips, then a jacket with a fur collar will help to balance your figure.
    The color scheme is also important when choosing a model. The black jacket is universal, which will allow to combine it with any outfit.

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