• How to choose a smartphone?

    Despite the fact that smartphones have gained immense popularity in the global market, some consumers still prefer to buy good mobile phones. There are several reasons for this, including the high cost of smartphones. After all, if a person needs a mobile device exclusively for conversations, in fact, he does not need a smartphone. Most fans of smartphones are business people, young people who want to always have on hand a multiplayer mobile device that allows you to use the functions of a laptop, but much smaller in size and more convenient to use. However, not all fans of innovation, know how to choose a smartphone.

    Smart phone class

    Smartphones are represented in the domestic market in a huge assortment; today almost all mobile phone manufacturers offer them, but they all differ among themselves, and not only in their functionality, but also in cost. When choosing a smartphone, it is very important that you acquire the optimal variant of the device, which would have all the functions you need in everyday life, but at the same time, the cost of the smartphone is adequate to its functionality.Therefore, one should pay attention to the class of the device, and accordingly, decide for what purposes it will be used.

    For example, if you are used to carrying a camera with you to take photographs of the most varied moments of your life or the society around you, then the camera phone is the most suitable for you - a smartphone in which the manufacturer has relied on the quality of the camera. That is, the other functions of the device may not be very progressive, but the camera will be excellent, with a clear image. You can choose a smartphone that will serve as a player - when choosing a model, focus on the audio capabilities of the device.

    Today, there are a lot of users who want to know how to choose the right smartphone if you need two SIM-cards. With such requirements for "smart phone", you should first pay attention to the battery capacity. If the manufacturer offers two or even several SIM-cards in the smartphone, but at the same time, the lithium-ion battery can not work in normal mode for long time, then, most likely, you will not be able to fully use the Internet for several hours.After all, an additional SIM card increases the amount of energy consumed by the device.

    Types of operating systems

    The functionality and usability of a smartphone depends largely on the operating system. Of the entire range of "operating systems", the most popular are iOS and Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian.

    • IOS is an operating system that runs exclusively on Apple smartphones. It is constantly updated, updated with new applications available for download in the AppStore.
    • Windows Mobile will be convenient for managing the user who is used to working on a PC. The main feature is the complete synchronization of documents with a computer.
    • Android OS is designed for touchscreen smartphones. It is constantly updated and improved.
    • Symbian is an operating system that is installed on Nokia smartphones. If you are interested in the question of how to choose a smartphone that would be as close as possible to a regular mobile phone in management, then you need to select a device on the Symbian OS. The OS is considered obsolete.

    Display and screen resolution

    The quality of the display of a smartphone directly depends on its cost. The cheapest devices are equipped with TFT displays.which cannot please their user with such high-quality features as SupeLCD-, AMOLED- and SuperAMOLED-displays.

    When buying a smartphone, pay attention to the screen resolution. The highest quality image for viewing video files give screens with a resolution of 800x480 megapixel. When choosing a smartphone with a small display, a resolution of 320x240 megapixels is enough. The resolution of 320x480 MP on the screen of any size (smartphone) gives a high-quality image. Pay attention to the density of pixels on the screen.

    Smartphone performance

    In order to have objective information on how to choose the right smartphone, you need to understand all the nuances of this technique, it should be borne in mind that its performance depends on both the frequency of the processor and the amount of RAM. Of course, the higher the frequency of the processor, the more stressful the smartphone can work. The 1GHz frequency is the best option for owners of smartphones who want to watch high-quality video on their device and use several applications simultaneously.

    Normal operation of the smartphone will be provided,if its RAM is at least 256-512 MB, but today devices with memory of 1 GB and above are offered, which allows you to work in comfort mode with programs.

    Additional functions

    The most common additional devices and technologies are:

    • A camera that allows you to take photos and shoot video.
    • 3G technology, which is supported by modern smartphones. It allows you to make video calls, use high-speed Internet, play various online games and more.
    • Considering how to choose a smartphone that would make your life more comfortable and informative, you need to pay attention to the function of Bluetooth and its version. It will help transfer data from a smartphone to a laptop, as well as use the device as a modem and much more.

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