• How to choose a swimsuit for pregnant

    Rules for choosing a swimsuit

    If you are planning to visit the pool during pregnancy, or relax on the sea, you cannot do without a properly chosen swimsuit. Do not purchase a large swimsuit, in the hope that it will solve the problem of choice. A model that does not fit in size will give you a lot of inconvenience. Swimsuit should support the chest and abdomen well, so when buying a product you should definitely try it on.
    A special swimsuit for pregnant women should have a bodice that can be fixed with bones and soft plates. This swimsuit can be worn even during lactation.
    Pay attention to the seams of the product. The lines should not be rough, otherwise they will cause discomfort to the future mother. In addition, the seams must be reliable to withstand the tension.
    Pay attention to the cut of the product. Swimsuit for pregnant women should change with the figure of the future mother, regardless of whether it is separate or solid.Some models have a lacing, which allows you to change the size of a swimsuit with an increase in the abdomen.

    Styles and fabrics

    If you want to hide a rounded tummy, pay attention to the separate models, the top of which is made in the form of a tunic.
    If you are planning to buy a swimsuit to visit the pool, choose products made from a fabric that is resistant to chlorine. If you need a swimsuit for a trip to the sea, purchase products made from a material that is resistant to the aggressive effects of salt water. The material from which the swimsuit is stitched should dry quickly and not fade in the sun.
    If you want to hide curvaceous forms, during pregnancy, stop your choice on a tankini bathing suit, which is great for a full figure.
    Those who want to look sexy and attractive even during pregnancy should opt for models in the style of "retro" with a bodice that will support the stomach. If you want to hide a large bust, purchase a model with a cape under the chest line.
    If you are planning to purchase a bikini model, pay attention to the swimsuit melts.They should have a wide elastic band, and the waistline on swimming trunks should be lowered so that the product does not squeeze the stomach.
    The colors of the swimsuit for pregnant women can be very diverse. In addition to the classic monophonic models, you can choose products with a bright fantasy pattern that will not only give your image a touch of coquetry and romance, but also lift your spirits.

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