• How to choose spinning?

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    How to choose spinning?

    For every spinning player, no matter the beginner or experienced, it is important that a convenient tool be in the hands. Let's try together to figure out how to choose the right spinning. For this we need to answer two important questions:

    1. What kind of fish will you hunt with this spinning?
    2. What reservoirs are you going to fish?

    Why do we care what kind of fish we are going to catch? Suppose you were lucky, and you caught a pound with a light spinning pound that way for 15, the chances of getting it out of the water will be zero. This class of spinning is not suitable for such mining. How to choose a spinning pike?

    Spinning test

    So, we approached one of the main characteristics - the spinning test. This characteristic indicates the weight range of baits that are best suited for this rod. For example, when choosing a spinning rod, you saw the numbers 8-25g on the rod. This means that if you take a bait weighing less than 8 grams, you risk not simply feeling the bait, and taking a bait more than 25 grams will simply not be able to throw it. Remember, the more weight the lure is designed for spinning, the greater its rigidity.There are four classes of spinning:

    • Heavy (40 grams or more)
    • Medium (15 - 40 grams)
    • Lightweight (7-15 grams)
    • Ultra light (up to 7 grams)

    Stroy spinning

    Another feature that must be guided when choosing a spinning is spinning pitch. There are three types: fast, medium and slow.

    With a quick build with the load on the tip of the spinning, the upper third of the rod works. With an average structure under load, the upper half works; a rod with such a system is also called a semi-parabolic. In the case of a slow build, the deflection is three-quarters of the total length, otherwise such rods are called parabolics. Story we need to know for more accurate casts bait. Quick action helps us to cast the bait most accurately and provides the greatest sensitivity when fishing. But the throwing distance in this case is the smallest. Rods with a slow build allow you to throw the lure most far, but have the least sensitivity. As for the length, then you need to decide where you are fishing. In the case of fishing from a boat, you will need a rod length of up to two meters, in the case of fishing from the shore, choose a longer rod, for example, 2.7 meters, this rod will allow you to make the most distant casts.

    Material for spinning

    What material to choose for spinning? If you are limited in funds and do not have the opportunity to fork out for spinning, then fiberglass spinning will be the best option for you. Cheap and unpretentious. Such spinning have a large mass and, if you are going to throw spinning often, then you must have very strong hands. They are suitable for trolling fishing.

    Rods of carbon fiber, carbon fiber, graphite, carbon are all the same. Rather strong, and most importantly light rods. Carbon tackles have differences in graphite content. The rule is simple: the lower the module, the greater the flexibility, the greater the flexibility, the shorter the casting distance and the lower the reaction rate. Greater rigidity makes the rod more fragile, but more sensitive. The lightest rods of carbon fiber. The best choice.

    If we add fibers from glass fibers to carbon fiber, we obtain a composite. Rods made of composite are less successful than carbon fiber rods, but much cheaper.

    Spinning rings

    The last point that will help you answer the question of how to choose spinning, which you want to make out in this article is a ring spinning. Their main goal is the distribution of the load line on the form of rods.Therefore, the number of rings affects the casting distance and the hauling of fish. As for the material from which the rings are made, the most common SIK rings are silicon carbide. These are reliable rings that usually do not fail. Their great advantage is their low weight and high strength. When choosing a spinning, one should pay attention to how well the rings are fixed and on the integrity of the rings, because even a small cleavage leads to a fast rubbing of the fishing line.

    If you want to clearly see how to choose the right spinning, the video to the article will help you with this!

    Fishing with pleasure!

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