• How to choose the perfect pet hotel?

    Each owner has a moment in life when a beloved four-way friend needs to be attached somewhere during your absence. Almost everyone has business trips, repairs in the apartment, holidays, when they want to rush to the sunny coast with their whole family and forget about the existing problems. But what to do with a pet?

    Some risk traveling with animals, however, this is not always appropriate and not always possible. Someone, creaking from the heart, leaves the keys to the apartment to the neighbors who could walk in, feed and walk your little friend.

    Well, if there are relatives who could be trusted with such a responsible business, but, hand on heart, do they need it? And if something happens to your beloved doggie or other animals, there will not be anyone to ask. Not so long ago there was one more variant of accommodation of pets at the time of your absence - a zoo hotel.

    Yes, yes, it's almost the same as for people, only numbers or cages there are equipped for our smaller brothers. No matter how tempting the offer, many owners are still afraid to leave their precious pets on conscience from completely foreign people.

    Of course, they can be understood, however, in this area there have already appeared decent options, where your animal can be accommodated with all the necessary conditions, you just need to make the right choice.

    Choose a zoo hotel

    How to choose the right hotel for your pet? In order to go on a journey with peace of mind or on any other business, and to be sure that your beloved dog or cat is fed and feels good, you should get acquainted with the animal hotel in advance.

    In large cities of the country you can find dozens of such hotels, which will range from the most simple items of temporary animal overrun, ending with elite and expensive hotels for furry friends.

    Settle in such a hotel you can almost any animal, ranging from cats and dogs, ending with birds, reptiles and other exotic representatives.

    In advance, you need to know what specialization a particular hotel has, because they are purely for dogs, purely for cats or even birds. And in this way, by the way, there is a certain meaning: it is unlikely that the cat will be able to feel calm and comfortable, if from a nearby aviary, every now and then, the barking of a dog comes.

    However, for those who have different animals at home, this option can be quite acceptable. It is also worth remembering that it’s not so easy to attach your pet to such a hotel, especially if it is time for holidays, holidays and vacations, so you need to take care of this in advance.

    By the way, today there are a lot of people who privately engage in the retention of animals. However, such ads can stumble, as an experienced canine or veterinarians, and retired amateurs who have decided to please themselves with an increase in retirement.

    The whole problem is that leaving your animal with such private owners, you, in fact, leave the animal to be honest, without any papers and evidence, besides, there is always the risk of running into an inexperienced amateur who simply does not calculate his strength and not cope with the pet.

    Another thing zoo - in self-respecting offices, hours of visits are always set aside, when you can arrive in advance and inspect the living conditions, talk with staff, and prepare an agreement in which all your requirements and living conditions for animals will be prescribed.

    What you need to know?

    First, the hotel of your choice must be visited in advance. Call there and find out when you can drive up, because in such places there are often certain hours of visits, the rest of the time, the territory is closed to strangers.

    Carefully inspect the premises of the nursery, whether it meets all the necessary requirements: make sure that it is heated, has a water pipe, clean and dry.

    If the dogs live in cages, then make sure that all wooden structures have been treated with varnish or paints, and cold concrete or tile floors are covered with removable (!) Coatings or decking. Otherwise, what kind of hygiene can we talk about?

    Ask about prices: it's better to avoid too low a price, because even if such a hotel looks quite decent, it is likely that the economy is made through food or staff recruitment. Check prices in the city, from which you can add up the average rate for a decent nursery.

    Talk to the staff, watch the guests who already live there. If you see two dogs or a pair of cats for the whole huge pet hotel, then this is somehow alarming. Try to talk to the owners of animals that have already stayed here, perhaps someone is requesting services again, which is already a good sign.

    The rooms should be strictly individual, the same dog enclosures are better when they are arranged in such a way that the guests do not see each other, otherwise permanent varnish and hoarse pharynx are provided. Make sure that the animal has enough space, it should be free to move, and go into the aviary or room on their own.

    There are just such “hotels” where the cells or the cages are located on top of each other, so after a walk a dog or a cat has to raise a person in them, which is a certain stress for the animal.

    Inspect the area for walking: it should be well fenced and "equipped" with greenery, trees. Check out the menu, find out where they cook food, because for cooking natural food the hotel should be equipped with its own kitchen.

    Conclusion of a contract

    Before you place your pet in a temporary dwelling, it should be examined by a veterinarian, who, by the way, must be attached to the zoohouse on permanent conditions. To avoid problems, your pet should have all the necessary vaccinations and certificates, which is better to take care in advance. Next, a contract must be concluded, which specifies the details of both parties, and also lists all the things that the owner brought along with the animal.

    The conditions of residence are stipulated, and a list of actions is also indicated in case the pet is ill. The menu is also negotiated separately and, if your ward is fed according to a certain diet, this is also indicated in a separate order.

    When checking in, make sure the room has been well disinfected after the previous guest. All toys, bedding and bowl should be disposable, if they are not provided, then take care of this in advance and bring everything you need from home so your friend will be more comfortable and calmer.

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