• How to choose the right cement

    Most often on sale can be found Portland cement brands from M200 to M600. It is this binder that is most in demand in construction work. But you should know that this type of cement does not always meet the requirements that are imposed on mortars and concrete products. Therefore, in some cases, you need to pay attention to the varieties of Portland cement: moderately thermal, resistant to sulphates, having the ability to quickly harden, resistant to moisture, plasticized and colored.
    Cement, which is highly resistant to sulfates, is often used during the construction of large objects of reinforced concrete of hydrotechnical purpose and those that annually undergo seasonal processes of freezing and thawing, being in salt or fresh water. The cement with the accelerated hardening is used in cases when it is required to accelerate the process of manufacturing building stones or structures.Its strength increases significantly after a few days after pouring into the form or formwork.
    Moisture-resistant cement is the best choice in the event that long-term storage or transportation over long distances is required under conditions that may lead to increased air humidity and frequent changes in its temperature. Colored cement is used to decorate the facades of buildings, making road surfaces.
    The main characteristic of cement is its strength. When choosing this building material should pay attention to the label, which is indicated on the packaging. The higher the grade, the greater the strength and speed of setting is cement. Thus, the M200 brand binder is significantly inferior in its strength characteristics to the M500 or M600 brand. On the packaging manufacturer always indicates the weight and composition of the material. Therefore, it is better to buy cement in bags, rather than by weight. Since in the latter case there is a risk of acquiring a poor quality binder.
    If cement is necessary for the erection of construction elements that are required to withstand large weight loads (foundation, floor slabs),It is recommended to use the brand M400 D20. If these objects will be in high humidity conditions, the best choice is M400 D0. The presence of the letter “D” in the marking indicates that there are additives in the composition of the binder. The letter "B" means that this building material tends to harden quickly. Cement that is water-repellent or plasticized is referred to as GF and PL. Made on the basis of clinker is marked with the letter "H".
    During the selection it is important to correctly “read” the labeling of the material. For example, when buying Portland cement 400-D290-B-PL GOST 10178-85, you need to understand that this is an M400 brand binder, contains at least 20% additives, has the property of quickly hardening and has a plasticizer.

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