• How to choose the right clothes hangers

    Comfort and comfort in the house is in the details, and it's true. Even the most petty, at first glance, elements can create the most comfortable atmosphere. Whether it's a joint family photo, or an antique brooch that is passed down from generation to generation. But in every house, and even a store, there is one necessary thing, the value and value of which we diminish. And this applies to any cloakroom in the house, namely - the shoulders, thanks to them our things keep their presentation, do not crumple and do not deteriorate if they are able to choose them correctly.

    There are many different types of plechklv for clothes, so in order to choose the ones you need, you should pay attention to several features.

    Production Material:

    -plastic- cheap, fragile and prone to deformation; suitable for light clothing and not suitable for the top; -Textile- inside have a filler, on top are trimmed with a variety of fabric,so you can choose the perfect hangers for your interior, suitable for clothes that need special storage; -metal- durable, but here everything depends on the metal from which they are made, if the material bends easily, such hangers will not keep your clothes for a long time, as they will be deformed; -woodenis one of the most expensive types, but by purchasing them you can be sure that such hangers for clothes will serve you for a long time. Large selection you will find on the site. Choosing this type of hangers hangers should pay attention to the coating of wood, it should be processed and varnished.

    Ideal wooden hangers and hangers for clothes in Moscow can be found in the online storeCortecandMAWA. Everything is made of natural wood of the hardest species (oak, maple, ash, etc.), in accordance with European standards and production technologies. It is also possible to buy hangers both wholesale and retail.

    The next thing you should pay attention to when purchasing hangers is their purpose:

    - storage of light clothing,wooden and metal hangers are great for this; - storage of linen - plastic or textile, depending on the material; - clothes with straps - hangers with special hooks; - expensive costumes - wooden suits are ideal for them hangers.

    The size of the trempels is also important, so the length of the hanger should be equal to or slightly less than the width of the clothes that will be placed on it.

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