• How to choose the right eye makeup

    You will need
    • In order to make beautiful eye makeup, you will need a makeup base, a set of eye shadows, eyeliners, eyeliner, as well as mascara.
    First you need to determine the shape of your eyes. After all, a lot depends on it. If you are a happy owner of almond eyes, then you are perfect for almost anymakeup. If you are smalleyesthen you need to visually enlarge them. This can be done by applying light shades of shadows, and even better if you use shadows with a gloss effect. In this case, the outer cornereyes�It is recommended to emphasize the darker shadows. Black liner is better not to use, it only reduces the already smalleyes. If you haveeyes�located close to each other, the emphasis should be placed on the outer corners of the eyes. Inner corners should be made lighter, more neutral. Ifeyes�located far from each other, it is necessary to emphasize the area related to the inner corner with intensive tone of shadows.eyes.
    Now you need to pay attention to the color of the eyes.Brown, peach, bright blue, purple shadows are well suited for brown eyes. For blue and blue eyes, experts advise using silver, gray-blue, lilac, bronze tones. Green-eyed girls fit all shades of gray, brown, black shadows. There is also a universal color of shadows. It is gray with all its shades. He is able to focus on the beauty of your eyes, as well as make them more vivid.
    But the choicemakeupand the eye is also determined by skin tone and hair color. Blondes should not use bright black pencil or eyeliner. Otherwise, the image will become too defiant. Brunettes, on the contrary, toeyes�not lost, accent inmakeupe need to do exactly oneyesx

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