• How to clean the nose of a newborn?

    How to clean the nose flagella of cotton pad?

    The use of flagella from cotton discs is much preferable, since they, unlike ordinary cotton wool, do not creep away when wet.

    1. First, take a clean cotton pad and tear it in half.
    2. One half put back into the package for the next time.
    3. Rip the other half in half and divide each of the halves again into 2 parts.
    4. From the received four pieces twist small flagella.
    5. Now it is necessary to moisten one flagellum with warm boiled water or breast milk.
    6. Next, you need a little shove the flagellum in the nostril and scroll through it so that the buckles wrap.
    7. The cleaning process can be repeated several times until the desired result is achieved.

    How to clean a newborn's nose with a pear?

    This is one of the most effective ways to clear the nose of goats. You can buy a small rubber bulb that can cure snot to a child at any pharmacy.

    Spout cleaning process:

    1. Rinse the pear with boiling water or hydrogen peroxide solution to disinfect it.
    2. Then it is necessary to drip a little breast milk, special nasal drops or saline into the baby's nose.
    3. Now you should squeeze a large part of the pear in your hand so that all the air comes out of it.
    4. Carefully insert the narrow end of the pear into one nostril (about half).
    5. You can begin to slowly unclasp your hand with a pear, so that it starts to draw in snot.
    6. Do not let go of the pear too quickly, because it will be unpleasant, you also can not let go of it too slowly, because there will be no desired effect.
    7. Next, remove the pear from the nostrils and flush it.
    8. Repeat the procedure with the second nostril.

    Do not forget to boil the pear and rinse it thoroughly after all the procedures.

    How to clean the nose with a newborn aspirator?

    Aspirator can be purchased at almost every pharmacy. It is equipped with a long tube, a special spout for snot extraction and a small tank in which a vacuum is created. This device allows you to get rid of snot with even greater efficiency, compared with a pear. In addition, it is less painful and traumatic for the child.

    The process of removing snot aspirator:

    1. Connect all tubes to the container.
    2. Instill the spout with saline or a special liquid.
    3. Rest a thin plastic (or silicone) tube to the baby's nostril.
    4. Take the second tube in your mouth and perform a suction movement.
    5. All snot will have to be in the container.
    6. Perform this operation with the second nostril.

    In order to clean the nose of the child with drops, you can use tools such as Aquamaris, etc. They are able to soften the crust and moisten the mucous membrane. Remember that any drugs should be taken only as prescribed by a doctor!

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