• How to collect analysis of feces?

    July 12, 2012
    How to collect analysis of feces?

    If you were told at the hospital about the need to pass a feces analysis, then you need to know the rules for collecting tests. Remember that the objectivity of the analysis depends largely on how correctly you performed the collection of material. If you break the rules, at best you will have to retake the analysis, and at worst the diagnosis will be incorrect. Naturally, the effectiveness of subsequent treatment will depend on this. Therefore, take these rules seriously.

    How to collect a feces analysis: collection rules

    • Feces should be collected in the morning, just before surrender. If this is not possible, then the analysis should be collected no more than 8 hours prior to delivery to the laboratory. Keep the analysis in the refrigerator, but in no case do not freeze.
    • Pre-urinate so that urine does not accidentally get into the analysis. Also avoid water from entering the analysis.
    • Thoroughly wash the genitals and anus with soapy water, rinse well with boiled water.
    • Collect the analysis in a clean and dry container (eg vessel, night vase).
    • Transfer the stool sample (about 10 grams) to a clean, dry storage container. If an analysis of feces on the eggs of the worm, you need to take about 50 grams.

    What not to do when collecting analysis

    • Do not take the analysis earlier than 2 days after the enema, X-ray of the stomach and intestines.
    • On the eve do not take drugs: activated charcoal, laxative, preparations with iron and copper, do not use rectal suppositories.
    • Women should not have a stool test during menstruation.
    • Follow the diet. Exclude foods that may affect stool discoloration (for example, beets).
    • If the feces are examined for the presence of hidden blood, then 3 days before the test, meat, tomatoes, fish and green vegetables should be excluded from the diet.

    When you collect the analysis, try to take feces from different places of stool. So the picture will be more objective.

    Now you know how to properly collect stool analysis.

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