• How to communicate with a vulnerable person

    Vulnerable people have a heightened sensitivity of the psyche. They take many things too seriously. Psychologists characterize such people in different ways. Someone considers them weak-willed and weak-tempered, unable to stand up for themselves, and someone associates such behavior with a huge supply of vitality. In any case, the attitude towards such people should be special.
    Communicating with a vulnerable person, you must carefully select words and phrases so as not to hurt him. You should not in any way speak out negatively about his behavior, work or any things that concern him. If you are unhappy with something, try to convey this to a vulnerable person using the most neutral expressions. Instead of telling him: “You have not done your job well. Your mistake is ... ", you can say:" Of course you tried and did a great job with the task, but I would like to see in your work also ... ".
    Remember that vulnerable people do not know how to take jokes, so you should not allow yourself to let go of taunts about him. If it still happened, just sincerely ask for forgiveness and promise that this will never happen again. Vulnerable people, although very touchy, are still easily appeased.
    In addition, vulnerable people sometimes worry about the fact that people show little attention to their person. If you do not notice them, but are passionate about talking to someone else, such people begin to feel useless and worthless. Try to avoid ignoring your buddies who have a too sensitive nature. You need to let them know that they are needed and important to you. If this does not work, explain to the person that he should not feel himself the center of the universe and expect from others what he will be carried in his arms.
    If you do not want to put up with the fact that a person is very vulnerable, you can help him overcome this difficulty. Try to instill confidence in your friend, point out to him the strengths of his character. Praise him more often for various achievements and successes and be kind to failures, support him in any endeavors.Tell the person that he should not take everything too close to his heart and worry about any nonsense. In life, he will be met by different people, and not everyone will behave tactfully, so you need to fight with excessive sensitivity.

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