• How to congratulate on the anniversary?

    Two loving people will definitely want to do something for each other! I especially want this on the anniversary of the relationship! How to congratulate on the anniversary of the relationship?

    What to give for the anniversary of the relationship

    Each greeting should be original, unforgettable, sincere, kind. It should make an indelible impression on the heroes of the occasion. For those who do not know how to congratulate on the anniversary, here are a few examples of gifts.

    On the anniversary of the relationship you need to give a memorable event. The day of dating is positive emotions, so you need to create yourself a firework of pleasant emotions.

    The young man, of course, ponder how to congratulate his girlfriend on the anniversary of the relationship? You can feel like the stars of Hollywood - arrange a trip in a limousine with champagne, music, and also call friends, it’s nice to hear from them what a wonderful couple you are.

    You can also go on a romantic trip, rent a hotel room, or go up in a balloon, arrange a ride on horseback, visit a shooting range, bowling.

    On this momentous day, you can arrange a tour of entertainment establishments - cafes, bars, clubs.A route from 3 or 4 places, in one to have a bite, in another to try a cocktail. Intimacy will be a great continuation of the tour.

    And how to congratulate the guy on the anniversary of the relationship? A girl can arrange a holiday of disobedience, take time off at work, walk away from school, order something tasty at home, lie in bed, watch a movie and make love, take a joint bath, prepare a romantic dinner.

    Surprise for a loved one can be a room decorated with balloons with notes of love. Even scrambled eggs in the form of a heart, a festively drawn poster can bring joy to a loved one.

    How to congratulate the wedding anniversary

    Wedding is the birthday of the family. Every year this significant date can be celebrated - every year it symbolizes a new round of relations. If the family is strong, friendly, in which mutual understanding and harmony reign, then the celebration of each anniversary will be a joyful event. On this day, you can surround your beloved half with tenderness, love, present symbolic gifts.

    • The first anniversary of the print is the most important date, the wife is given a print dress, bed linen is given from relatives.
    • Five years later, a “wooden” wedding is celebrated - wood products are given, you can give a sapling of a bush.
    • The decade - the "pink" wedding takes place surrounded by flowers. Rose petals need to cover the family bed. On this day, give jewelry with amber, items of pink color - bedspreads, bed linen, aromatic oils.
    • The fifteenth anniversary is a “glass” wedding, the anniversary participants are presented with glass products that symbolize the purity of relationships.
    • For the twentieth anniversary - "porcelain" wedding, you can give a porcelain service.
    • On the day of the "silver" wedding on the finger, to the gold, is added a silver ring. Guests give gifts of silver.
    • Thirty years of marriage - “pearl” wedding. On this day, the wife is given a necklace with 30 pearls, which symbolizes the bright brilliance of past years.
    • "Ruby" wedding - forty years of marriage. A gift is a ring with a stone of love and fire.
    • On the eve of the "golden" wedding, the old gold rings are replaced by new ones. Guests give gold-plated jewelry.
    • Seventy years of marriage - "diamond" or "thank-you" wedding. This day expresses gratitude to the spouses for the love and care that has been carried through life together.

    Children always think about how to congratulate parents on the anniversary of their life together? On the anniversary of life together, congratulations can be made in the form of a video, which captures the brightest moments of family life, you can order congratulations on television, radio.

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