• How to connect a gamepad to xbox 360?

    September 18, 2014
    How to connect a gamepad to xbox 360?

    Unlike the new Microsoft Xbox One console, the Xbox 360 supports only 4 gamepads for the game. However, users of the old console often have problems connecting these gamepads to the console so that they can see them. This is especially true of wireless gamepads.

    How to connect the gamepad to the Xbox 360 so that the console can see it will be written below.

    Connecting a wired gamepad to the consolegamepad

    With a wired gamepad the least problem arises. After all, it is enough to connect it with a cable to the console, and it will work.

    To disconnect, pull the connector on the gamepad, not the wire. However, the wired gamepad is equipped with an automatic disconnect function, that is, it will come out of the socket if it is very tight.

    Connecting a wireless gamepad to the console

    To connect a wireless gamepad, you must perform several steps:

    1. Turn on the gamepad and console. To turn on the gamepad, you must press and hold the “Guide” button.
    2. Press the connect button on the console once.gamepad
    3. Twenty seconds, you must press the connect button on the gamepad to synchronize with the console. If synchronization does not occur, then you need to repeat the procedure with the connection buttons on the gamepad and the console again.

    If around the console's connection button the blinking disappears and ¼ divisions appear, glowing with a green light, this means that the gamepad is successfully connected. So it can be used. Thus, you can also connect three more gamepads and the space around the connection button will gradually fill with green light if the gamepads have successfully connected.

    To disconnect the gamepad from the console, you must hold down the Guide button for 3 seconds and then disable the gamepad. Also, when you turn off the console, the gamepad will disconnect, but the next time you start the console, it syncs again.

    You can not connect the gamepad to another console without desynchronization with the first.

    Troubleshoot sync issues

    If the gamepad does not turn on, then try replacing the batteries or take another same gamepad and insert its batteries. If after this the gamepad does not turn on, then the problem is most likely in the gamepad itself.You can also charge the gamepad using the charger that comes in the kit.

    Sometimes a gamepad can work poorly due to interference. This may be due to metal objects between the console and the gamepad or other types of interference. The gamepad itself will be in working condition. In this case, it would be best to connect the gamepad to the console through the wire.

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