• How to connect electricity meter?

    Galina Mirzahmedova
    Galina Mirzahmedova
    December 19, 2014
    How to connect electricity meter?

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    How to connect electricity meter?

    In order to find out how to connect the electricity meter correctly, you will first need to study the connection diagrams of one or three phase meters. To understand how they differ, it will be useful to read the articles from our section - Electrics.

    The algorithm for connecting electricity meter

    When connecting a single-phase simple meter, which are most often used in apartments and have 4 terminals on their block, you need to connect the phase of the mains supply to the first terminal, and the phase that goes to the load to the second. Accordingly, the zero that goes from the network is connected to the third terminal, and the zero from the load to the fourth.

    The important point, how to connect the electricity meter correctly, is to fulfill the requirement of respecting polarity when connecting to voltage and current.Three-phase meters are connected in a similar way, but two options are possible: direct or direct connection. Directly, the three-phase meter is connected directly to the 220/380 Volt network, and directly through the transformer system.

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