• How to connect Beat Smart?

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    How to connect Beat Smart?

    Mobile Internet options are becoming more popular. Today, each telecom operator provides affordable high-quality network access services. One of these options is "BIT Smart" from MTS. In this article we will talk about the features of the option, as well as how to connect BIT Smart.

    Terms of option

    "BIT Smart" is an opportunity to enjoy unlimited access to the network, however, only 75 MB of traffic is available to the subscriber at an unlimited speed, after using this limit, the speed of access to the network decreases to 64 Kbps.

    The geography of the option is the home region, that is, outside the home network, Internet access will no longer be unlimited, the charges will be charged according to the rates of the subscriber�s connected tariff plan.

    Option cost

    "BIT Smart" is connected for free, the monthly fee is 8 rubles per day.

    Connection option

    To enable the "BIT Smart" option, a customer can:

    • send USSD command * 111 * 8649 #;
    • send an SMS with the text 8649 to the short number 111;
    • use the "Internet Assistant";
    • call operator support at 0890 from a mobile or 8-800-250-0890 from any number;
    • visit the nearest MTS office.

    Turbo button

    If the subscriber has exhausted the daily traffic, but still needs quick access to the network, he can use the "Turbo-button" option. The operator provides two types of "Turbo buttons" - for a while and for megabytes.

    To connect the "Turbo-button" for the time being, the client needs to send a USSD-command * 165 #, while the speed limit will be lifted for 20 minutes. During this time, the client has the right to download as much content as needed. The price of such a "Turbo-button" - 19 rubles.

    To connect the "Turbo-button" to megabytes, the client needs to send a USSD command * 111 * 05 #, while the subscriber will receive 100 MB of traffic. The price of such a "Turbo-button" - 30 rubles.

    If you get tired of this option, it, like the others, can always be disabled.

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