• How to connect a PS3 to a monitor?

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    How to connect a PS3 to a monitor?

    For the full use of modern consoles, you must connect it to the device intended for playback. Consider how to connect to a Playstation 3 monitor. Modern TVs are characterized by supporting various connection methods. But they are not available to all users. Most often, a game lover needs to connect a gaming device for a while.

    Connection methods

    Below are all possible ways to connect the console.

    • The standard output for transmitting video from the PS3 is the HDMI connector, supplied with the console. With its help not only video is transmitted, but also sound, which is very convenient. It is enough to connect the cable with one end to the console, and the other to the monitor that is available. After that, you must first turn on the screen, and then the game console. The user will see the PS3 boot menu. When using a PC monitor, it’s best to keep it off.Modern monitors respond easily to a signal, so if the PC continues to transmit it, the user will see a familiar picture of his desktop.
    • Sometimes monitors have the Source button, which allows you to select the source of the image. By clicking on it several times, the owner will be able to see a message about connecting HDMI.
    • Connecting the PS3 to the monitor can be made using a DVI connector. This method is suitable for monitors belonging to a more outdated series and not having an HDMI output. The socket of this connector is usually white in color and has a significant number of holes for the contacts. To make the connection correct, the user will need a program that checks HDSP support. This is the protocol used for video; it will be impossible to display a picture without it.
    • The owner of the game console will be able to purchase an adapter HDMI - DVI, as well as a video cable, equipped with tulip transitions. Connecting it to the monitor jack, connect an HDMI cable to it. White and red connectors are connected by one side to the console, the other - to the speakers.After connecting all the necessary adapters, you can turn on the console.

    Now you know everything about preparing for the PS3. Connect to the monitor this gaming device you will not be difficult.

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