• How to connect "SMS-banking" ("SMS-banking")?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    December 19, 2014
    How to connect "SMS-banking" ("SMS-banking")?

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    How to connect "SMS-banking" ("SMS-banking")?

    SMS-banking is a popular service that provides the ability to send various financial transactions by sending an SMS from your mobile phone without contacting a bank branch. You can connect it using several methods, which will be discussed below.

    Connecting "SMS-banking": instructions

    To activate SMS banking, use one of the following options.

    1. Use the ATM closest to your home or office, which is serviced by your credit institution. You need a section "Services", where you need to select the item "SMS-banking". Click on the "Connect" button and then follow the system instructions.
    2. Call your bank at the hotline number. Ask the answering specialist to connect the SMS banking service to you. But note that it will be activated for the number that was indicated as a contact when signing the contract for the provision of services.
    3. You can also come to the bank in person. Contact a free specialist, present your ID, plastic card, phone number and ask to activate the SMS-banking service.

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