• How to connect the drive?

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    How to connect the drive?

    Despite the fact that optical disks today are becoming less and less popular information carriers, they still have not come out of use, as happened with floppy disks. Therefore, the computer still needs a CD / DVD drive that can read, erase and write information to optical discs. However, not every user of a personal computer knows how to properly connect a disk drive in a computer unit.

    How to connect the drive to the computer unit

    To connect the drive to a computer, you must perform several steps:

    1. Prepare the computer for connection.
    2. Remove the old drive, if available.
    3. Connect the new drive and install the necessary drivers.

    Preparing the computer to connect the drive

    Before you install a new drive, you must prepare the computer for this. First of all, if there is an old drive, then you need to disconnect it from the system. This can be done in the "System Manager" by calling the context menu of the drive and disabling it.

    Then you must turn off the computer and de-energize it by removing the power cord from the connector of the unit. You can also press the power off button on the unit. However, it is still recommended to disconnect the power cord in order to avoid a static discharge. After that, unscrew the bolts of the block cover and remove it. Now you can remove the old drive and connect a new one.

    Turn off the old drive

    To disconnect the old drive you need to disconnect it from all the wires that are plugged into its connectors. Then simply unscrew the old drive and pull it out neatly from the unit.

    It is important to know that the drive can be inserted and pulled out of the unit only from the outside. Do not try to push it inside, otherwise you will damage the body of the unit or the drive.

    Connecting a new drive

    To connect the drive you need:

    1. Insert the drive into the case from the outside.
    2. Bolt the drive into the enclosure. At least four bolts should be screwed up, because a disk drive can create a lot of noise if it is loose and vibrates when reading or writing disks.
    3. Connect to the drive standard power wire.
    4. Connect the data transmission loop from the motherboard. It all depends on the type of loop. Modern units are equipped with SATA cables, but older models use wide IDE cables.
    5. Close the computer unit and screw it up.
    6. Connect the power cord and turn on the power supply.
    7. Start the computer and test the drive.

    Usually the drive is defined by default. However, if this does not happen, then you need to install the necessary drivers from the manufacturer�s website or disassemble the unit again and check whether the drive is correctly connected.

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