• How to connect a WiFi router Keenetic?

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    How to connect a WiFi router Keenetic?

    The ZyXEL Keenetic series includes multifunctional routers with an integrated wireless access point. In this article we will explain how to connect the Keenetic WiFi router to the network and configure it, and on the general principles of working with wireless routers, see our article How to connect a wifi router.

    ZyXEL Keenetic Connection

    Let's start with the cables. Connect the router to an electrical outlet and connect your ISP cable to the WAN port. In the LAN port, insert the network cable, the other end connected to the computer.

    Now we will start setup. Open the web browser address When you are asked for login information, enter admin in the Login field and 1234 in the Password field. After that, immediately change the default password to your own.

    We will consider the setting using the V2 firmware as an example - it is with it that the modern models of Keenetic routers are delivered. If you have a V1, you can easily upgrade to the next version right from the main page of the web interface.

    To set up an internet connection, click the globe button at the bottom of the page. We will explain how to connect to an Internet provider using an external IP address.To do this, open the IPoE tab and click on the link "ISP - Broadband connection". Check the “Enable” and “Use for Internet access” checkboxes. In the field “Setting IP parameters” select the option “Manual” and fill in the fields with data received from the provider. You may also need to set a special MAC address — to do this, select the option “Take from your PC” or “Enter manually” in the appropriate menu if you have registered the MAC of your old computer that is not already in use. When finished, click "Apply".

    Wifi on

    To configure WiFi, click the fourth button at the bottom of the page (as a signal indicator). Check the “Enable access point” box, create a name for your wireless network (SSID) and select a security method - preferably WPA2-PSK. In the "Network key" field, enter the password that you will use to connect to the WiFi network. And click "Apply".

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