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    How to cook a healthy breakfast

    Are there any general rules for a balanced breakfast? The answer to this question has long been given by scientists, urging us not to ignore the morning meal. Replenishing the body's energy reserve after a night's sleep, a balanced breakfast stimulates the brain, improves concentration, has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, regulates appetite, reducing the daily need for snacking. The formula for a healthy breakfast is very simple. It includes famous products.
    How to cook a healthy breakfast
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    Drinks replenish body fluids. Fresh, mineral water, tea or coffee. Drink what you like.
    Drinks on the morning table
    Fresh fruits.
    Fresh fruits - a source of fiber and vitamins - must also be on your table.
    Fresh fruits
    A sandwich will become a real "energy bomb" if you put slices of salmon and fresh cucumber on a slice of multi-grain bread.
    How to cook a healthy breakfast
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    How to cook a healthy breakfast
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