• How to cook a pork stomach?

    From pork offal can be cooked excellent dishes, including from the stomachs. In this article, Elhau will tell you how to cook a pork stomach.

    Usually, the stomachs are stuffed, but first we will tell you how to prepare the stomach for preparing such a dish as kendukh.

    Stomach preparation

    Before preparing the stomach, it is necessary to prepare it (it is better to do it in advance). To do this, rinse it thoroughly, peel off the films, grease, mucus, turn it inside out and salt it abundantly. Leave the stomach for 4-5 hours, then wash off the salt, and soak the stomach in solution (1 liter of salt and 1 tablespoon of vinegar per liter of water). After the allotted time has passed, drain the solution, rinse the stomach thoroughly, and allow the water to drain, only after that proceed to stuffing the filling.

    How to cook pork stomach: recipes

    Here are a few options for cooking the stomach.

    Option 1

    For meals will require:

    • pork stomach
    • 400 gr. brisket
    • 200 gr. minced pork
    • 2 chicken eggs
    • 3 medium onions
    • salt
    • seasonings to taste (for example, black and allspice, marjoram)

    We start making stuffing: minced pork, you can buy ready, but you can twist it yourself. Chop the brisket into small pieces and mix thoroughly with minced meat. Then add finely chopped onion and seasoning with salt to the minced meat. After the filling is brought to a uniform consistency, we shift it all into the prepared stomach, and sew it up. The resulting stuffed stomach is placed in a preheated oven (200 °) for 2-2.5 hours.

    Option 2


    • pork stomach
    • potatoes
    • fresh bacon
    • milk
    • bow
    • salt
    • seasoning to taste.

    Cooking pork stomach begins with a filling: melt fat in a frying pan and fry onion finely chopped, until golden brown. Grate fresh potatoes (or skip through a combine), mix with roasting, then add a little milk, seasoning and salt to taste. Stuff the stomach with this filling, sew up and send to the oven for a couple of hours.

    Option 3


    • stomach
    • pork (better breast)
    • pork liver
    • carrot
    • bow
    • garlic
    • greenery
    • seasonings and salt to taste.

    Pork cut into small pieces, as well as liver, if the pork is not very fat, it is better to add more chopped fresh fat.Finely chop the carrots, greens, onion and garlic, mix all the ingredients, adding salt and spices. Now you need to fill the stomach, sew it up and send it to the oven, as in the previous versions.

    Option 4


    • stomach
    • buckwheat / rice
    • brisket
    • bow
    • garlic
    • mushrooms if desired
    • spice
    • salt

    For the filling, it is necessary to prepare a crumbly porridge from the selected cereal. Meat must be cut into small pieces and fry with chopped onions, or stew. Mushrooms can also be fried (not ready) or extinguished. Mix the resulting ingredients, salt, add spices and fill them with a half-cooked stomach (cook 40-60 minutes). Wired stuffed stomach send in the oven for an hour and a half (180 °).

    The above described detailed recipes for how to fill a pork stomach, but for the filling of the stomach you can use your favorite combination of products, and the recipes given in the article are only a starting point for developing your own recipes. You can also make pasta stuffing using other by-products (for example, ears).

    How to cook a pork stomach: tips

    • Do not fill the stomach tightly, as it is compressed in the process of cooking, and may burst.
    • Be sure to prepare the stomach before cooking, so it will taste better.
    • In the process of roasting the stomach is better to periodically water the resulting fat, or specially prepared melted in the pan fresh lard.
    • Before you send the stomach into the oven, make a few punctures in it so that it does not burst, and the whole gusto does not flow out of it.
    • 5-10 minutes before readiness, you can pour the stomach with sour cream and spices, so a golden crust will appear.
    • The stomach is usually served chilled. After cooking is complete, put a press on the stomach to give a convenient form for cutting.

    Now you know the recipe for cooking pork stomach, and not even one. Cooking is simple, but time-consuming, but you will see that it is worth it. Bon Appetit.

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