• How to cook barley porridge?

    Oddly enough, but barley porridge is one of the most disliked cereals, both in children and adults. Most often, pearl barley or simply barley is used in pickle, because there is practically no taste of the cereal itself. Kashi barley porridge is extremely rarely brewed, and it turns out to be completely tasteless and inedible. It is important to remember that pearl barley is very rich in protein and gluten. And cook this porridge rarely because of their own ignorance of how to cook barley porridge. After all, its taste depends directly on the method of its preparation. Let's try together to figure out how to cook barley.

    The first way to cook barley porridge

    There is in the cook archives (if there are such, of course) one recipe, how to cook barley porridge, borrowed by our ancestors from the Karelians in the 12th century AD. The main distinguishing feature of cooking is that the grits themselves must be soaked in cold water for another 10-12 hours before the start of cooking. It is very important to observe the correct proportions, to be exact, then a liter of water accounts for a glass of barley pearl barley.Soak, wait for 10-12 hours (modern cereals, it is desirable to soak for 12-13 hours, store quality of storage leaves much to be desired). Then we take two liters of milk (non-fat, take the fact that 3.5% of fat content is the most necessary), pour cereal there and boil for about five minutes, while leaving the pan without a lid. It is 5 minutes of boiling, and not warming up the milk and 20-second boiling of cereal in it!

    The following procedure will be very difficult. We take our pan with milk and cereal, put it on the steam bath. Do not forget to cover the pan! Boil for 6 hours, no less. The described procedure helps to ensure that our porridge does not burn in milk, does not run off from the pan, or, God forbid, does not stick to the bottom of the pan. I can advise you to use pottery, it guarantees the desired effect. Porridge will be very rich in protein and vitamins, and not least, deliciously tasty. You can fill the dish with cream or butter (no olive, no sauces!). You'll see, if you cook barley porridge that way, it will melt in your mouth.

    The second method of cooking barley porridge

    Of course, you are right if you think that there are other ways to make real barley.

    You can cook barley porridge with mushrooms. We need to take a glass of cereal (incomplete, about three-quarters of a glass), 8-10 pieces of mushrooms (they usually take butter, but from personal practice I will say that chanterelles will also fit and adequately fit into the picture of taste), 1 onion, butter .

    First of all, clean the mushrooms, cook them, then chop and fry in pre-cooked butter. It is better to add mushrooms in greens, you can black pepper. Meanwhile, soak pearl barley in water, let it stand for 35-45 minutes. Cook barley to readiness, it will take about an hour of your time. Cooking, rinse with cold water and let it drain safely. Fry onions and mix with mushrooms in porridge. Bon Appetit!

    Finally, when you already know how to cook barley porridge correctly, I will note that it relieves fatigue well, gives your body a good charge of proteins, stabilizes pressure and digestion.

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