• How to cook casserole zucchini with minced meat in pita bread

    You will need
    • chicken thighs or fillets - 3 pcs,
    • two zucchini,
    • one bulb,
    • one carrot,
    • garlic - 1-2 cloves,
    • big pita bread
    • eggs - 4 pieces,
    • heavy cream - 1 tablespoon,
    • some salt
    • some black ground pepper
    • Provence herbs optional.
    Wash chicken thighs, dry them and remove bones. The skin can be left, but if you do not like, then remove.
    We grind meat in the meat grinder. If desired, you can buy ready-made chicken mince.
    Heat a frying pan well and fry the minced meat. If the skin is removed, then fry the minced meat in butter.
    Fry minced meat over moderate heat. The first two minutes of the stuffing mix well, so that large pieces have a homogeneous texture.
    Coarsely chop the zucchini, also coarsely chop the carrots and onions.
    Grind chopped vegetables in a blender.
    Add the vegetable puree to the slightly roasted chicken.
    Cook for 7 minutes, stir.A little salt and pepper, add spices from herbs.
    In a baking dish we place a sheet of pita so as to close the bottom, cover the sides and more so that there is enough sheet for the top. On the pita we lay out the vegetable stuffing with meat.
    Stir eggs with a little salt. Fill the egg mixture to the filling. Eggs are the binding element in this casserole.
    Cover the casserole with the remaining pita bread, cream each layer of pita bread with cream. Top also coat with cream. We bake our casserole for 35 minutes at 200 degrees.

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