• How much to cook fish?

    Natalia Gredyushko
    Natalia Gredyushko
    July 17, 2012
    How much to cook fish?

    Few can refuse a stew with sauce, fried, and just boiled fish. What it just does not happen: and cod with its reserved taste, fragrant salmon, fatty pangasius and pollock taste so familiar from childhood. Therefore, the question of how much to cook the fish will probably always be relevant.

    Ready-made fish dishes may suggest serving in the form of portioned pieces, others - serving entirely. Portion slices of salmon and cod will differ in size only because the size of salmon is much larger. So even for a cod carcass (thawed) it will take up to 30 minutes of time, for a carcass salmon, this time rises by 10 minutes.

    How long does it take to cook other kinds of fish? Pangasius - this fish has a white, fat, tender meat that takes less than 10 minutes to full readiness, otherwise the pieces will fall apart. A similar story with pollock - 6-10 minutes. Pink salmon after boiling will take up to 15 minutes, 12 minutes should be used for cooking perch, sturgeon will have to be cooked for about an hour.To boil the flounder, you must wait 20 minutes from the start of boiling water. Pike on the ear will have to cook for 25 minutes.

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