• How to cook pork kebab?

    How to cook pork kebab?

    How to cook pork kebab?

    Probably, no one will dispute the fact that the most common and beloved type of kebab is pork kebab. The simplicity of marinating and cooking, tender and juicy meat, extraordinary taste and aroma, familiar to most of us from childhood - these are just a few of the reasons for the popularity of this type of kebab. It would seem that it can be difficult to cook pork kebab? But this is only apparent simplicity. In fact, here too, there are secrets and little tricks. Those tricks whose knowledge will save you from setbacks and disappointments that are familiar to every novice chef. OtvetKak.ru, an online magazine of useful tips, is ready to reveal to you the main secrets and nuances that, we are sure, I will help to cook pork kebabs even for inexperienced cooks.

    Choosing meat for kebabs


    Before you start cooking pork shish kebab, you must choose meat.After all, the softness, taste and juiciness of the future dish directly depend on how fresh and quality it is. For the preparation of shish kebab the chilled meat is the best suited - the shish kebab from it will come out very juicy and fragrant. If you buy fresh chilled meat is not possible, you can get by and frozen pork. Only in this case, it is necessary with great scrupulousness to approach its thawing.



    Defrost frozen pork is recommended on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. The slower the meat is thawed, the higher will be its taste and nutritional properties. And what exactly you should not do is defrost pork at room temperature or in a microwave oven. This kebab will turn out hard and dry.



    When buying chilled meat, pay attention to how fresh it is. The best place to buy it is the local market. Chances to buy a fresh product here are significantly higher than in a store or a hypermarket.



    How to choose meat for pork shish kebab

    How to choose meat for pork shish kebab

    Before buying, carefully examine your favorite piece of meat. Fresh pork should have a smooth pink color at the cut, and the cut itself should be uniform,glossy. If the meat is really fresh, the hole, formed by pressing a finger on it, should level out. Be sure to appreciate the meat by smell. In fresh meat, it is pleasant, a little sweet. The smell of ammonia, mold, or, God forbid, rot will tell you that it is better to refrain from buying.
    If you are buying pork from this seller for the first time, politely ask him to cut a small piece, bring it to the flame from the lighter and smell it. Good pork will smell like ordinary roasted meat. If under the guise of pork you want to "stick" boar meat, the meat will have a strong smell of urine.



    What part of the carcass you choose to cook pork skewers depends entirely on your taste preferences. It is believed that the most juicy and soft shish kebab will come from the neck (neck). Delicious shish kebab can be prepared from a brisket, lumbar region or loin. But from a spatula or ham for cooking kebabs is not suitable - the dish will turn out dry and tough. And another tip: choose a piece of meat with a moderate amount of fat.



    Cooking marinade




    From the way the marinade was prepared correctly, the taste and juiciness of the ready dish will completely depend on. There are several recipes for preparing marinade for shish kebab from pork.We suggest you familiarize yourself with the two most common ones.



    1. Marinade with vinegar. Cut the meat into pieces. Peel and chop the three small onions into rings. Transfer the meat and onion to a deep bowl (pan), add black pepper and salt. In a liter jar, dilute one hundred grams of nine per cent vinegar with a small amount of water so that the solution is moderately acidic. Pour one part of the solution into a container of meat, mix well, pour the meat on top with the remaining acetic water. The meat must be completely covered with marinade. Put on the weight of the meat, leave to marinate for three or four hours.
    2. Marinade with mayonnaise.Cut the pork into slices and the onions into rings. Put the ingredients in a deep pan, cover with mayonnaise (two kilograms of meat - half a kilo of mayonnaise). Salt, add spices, mix, put in a cold place for twenty-four hours. Stir well before cooking shashlik.


    How to cook shish kebab from pork: highlights



    How to cook shish kebab from pork at home?

    How to cook shish kebab from pork at home?

    In order to cook pork kebab, you will need coals.The easiest way to find them is to buy ready-made coals in the supermarket, although, of course, you may want to make them yourself. That's not the point. Whatever coals you decide not to use, be sure to heat them before you start frying meat over them.



    When frying pork, do not forget to periodically turn the skewers. Meat should be fried evenly from all sides. If you notice that it has begun to burn, or has become too dry in some places, sprinkle it in these places with a marinade or a mixture of water and wine. In general, do this regularly - the periodic spraying of roasting meat will protect the shish kebab from burning, make it juicy, fragrant and at the same time gentle and soft from the inside.



    How to cook the most simple pork shish kebab



    How to cook shish kebab from pork yourself?

    How to cook shish kebab from pork yourself?

    So, for cooking shish kebab marinated in onion juice, you need two kilograms of meat (it is better to take a neck), six large onions, salt, spicy herbs, black or red pepper.


    Wash the meat, cut it into small pieces. Peel the onions, cut into rings. Fold onions and meat in a deep bowl,Add a teaspoon of salt (it is better to take a large one), two tablespoons of herbs (marjoram, cilantro, basil, etc.). All carefully knead and mix. Onion should highlight the juice. Pepper the meat and mash it again. Cover the dishes with a lid and leave the meat to marinate for six to twelve hours. Pickled meat should be strung on skewers and fry on coals.


    Now you know how to cook pork kebab.

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