• How to craft a fireball?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    January 12, 2015
    How to craft a fireball?

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    How to craft a fireball?

    The need for a fireball in Minecraft players often arises. The thing is that with it you can quickly burn unwanted blocks. It can also be used as a flint and a war projectile for a gun. Talk about how to craft a fireball.

    Fireball craft

    To make a fireball in Minecraft, the following components are needed

    • gunpowder (can be obtained by killing creeper);
    • fiery powder (to seize it, you will need to go to hell);
    • regular or charcoal (can be obtained by breaking the coal ore with a pick).

    The components should be located in the Kraft grid as follows.

    • central upper cell - gunpowder;
    • the central cell in the middle row is fiery powder;
    • the central lower cell is coal.

    After crafting these ingredients, you will have three fireballs. You can use them to light a portal in the Lower World. If you decide to use the ball to illuminate tunnels, mines and other places (it burns twice as long as a torch), then right-click on it.When using it as a projectile, you will need to saddle a special dynamite cannon. With it, you can bomb in any direction.

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