• How to create a new user?

    Irina Cheverda
    Irina Cheverda
    October 2, 2014
    How to create a new user?

    Quite a large number of people are faced with a situation where a working computer has to be shared with other people, for example, with family members. In order to have privacy when working with a computer, the Windows operating system offers to divide users and create an account for each user. How to create a user in Windows can be found in our article.

    Consider the most popular operating systems: Windows 7 and Windows 8. When you start your computer, all available user accounts will be shown on the welcome screen.

    How to create a new user of Windows 7?

    1. Turn on the computer. Go "Start" → "Control Panel".
    2. Select the “Small Icons” window that appears in the upper right.
    3. In the list, select "Accounts".
    4. In the window that appears, select the item "Manage another account."
    5. A control window appears. At the bottom you need to select the option "Create an account".
    6. Next, enter the name of the new account and select its access level.Normal access involves working with a computer at user level. The administrator has an advanced level of access. Click "Create Account".
    7. The management window for all accounts appears. Logging in to a new account, you can change its settings. For example, create a password, change the desktop background and set the parental control function.

    How to create a new user on Windows 8?

    When using Windows 8, the OS will prompt you to add a local new user or a new Windows user. A local user is a user of this computer only, a Microsoft user is a Microsoft account that can work on any other PC and even smartphones. It is attached to your email address. Therefore, you will need to register on the Microsoft website.

    Create a local user:

    1. Turn on the computer and press the combination Win + I.
    2. Select "Change computer settings."
    3. Select the option "Users". Then in the menu that appears on the right, click "add a new user".
    4. Click "Sign in without a Microsoft account".
    5. Select the item "Local Account".
    6. Enter the necessary data in the field that appears. Click save.

    This is how you can create a new Windows user.

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