• How to create an interior?

    The main purpose of interior design is to create the maximum possible coziness and comfort for residents. People have different tastes, someone likes to live in the interior of the Baroque style, others prefer high-tech, and the rest generally minimalism. Design options a huge variety, but when choosing you need to take into account many factors. Therefore, today we will tell you how to create an interior in your home.

    We begin, of course, with the main room in any accommodation. It's about the living room, where guests and your friends gather. Where you are with your family watching TV, or just having dinner.

    How to choose the interior of the living room

    • The interior of the living room should be multifunctional, and must necessarily meet all your requirements. Functionally, the living room is divided into several zones: dining, recreation, as well as working.
    • Recreation area - for a normal rest, reading or conversation, a recreation area can not do without upholstered furniture. Mostly upholstered furniture is a pair of chairs and a sofa, possibly a corner. It is not necessary to purchase a specially identical kit.chairs can be different, the main thing is that there is an element in them that combines everything into one whole, for example, the color scheme, form or object in the decor.
    • Usually all the furniture is placed near the coffee table. Thus, it turns out a soft and cozy corner, which is quite possible to complement the bar. It is also worth considering the location of the TV. It must be in such a place that all those sitting can see it.
    • In addition to the TV, the center of attraction in the living room can be a fireplace, over which you can hang a mirror, to increase the attractive effect. An original solution could be an aquarium or a small fountain.
    • The dining area used to be, a dinner table was placed in the middle of the room. In our time, this need faded into the background. Now the table can be folded, freeing up more space, or you can order a sliding table that can be placed either close to the wall or in the corner of the room. If the kitchen and living room are combined, a bar counter with several chairs can be positioned between them. It looks beautiful and looks aesthetic.
    • Working area - if there is a need, the working area can be represented by a coffee table by the window. But the computer and the entire office does not decorate the interior of the living room.In general, the possibility of allocating zones in a room depends on its size.
    • Lighting - a chandelier or local light sources are best for this: floor lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps. If the various corners of the room to light selectively, it will contribute to psychological relief. In this case, an important role is played by the color of the room. The room can be decorated outside the box, in several colors, or you can glue some of the room with wallpaper and paint the rest. Bright colors will look good.
    • The decor elements of the living room is better to have no higher than the eye level. Cloths or souvenirs are best arranged in groups, but too many of them should not be so that the room does not seem cluttered.

    How to choose the bedroom interior

    • It is worth noting that in making out the bedroom, you should understand that you need to rest in this room. Therefore, the presence of computers here is undesirable. It will be very convenient if you combine the bedroom with a wardrobe. The interior of this room should reflect the taste of its owner. You can arrange the bedroom as a cozy resting place or as a nest for love.
    • It is recommended to arrange this room in calm, bright colors in order to relax, but not in an excited state. Bright accents or notes can be applied in various accessories.Colors for decoration of a bedroom are considered as successful colors: pearl-gray, light blue, pink. These colors are perfectly combined with furniture made of natural wood.
    • In the bedroom, everything should please the person, and tune in to a pleasant pastime. Therefore, it should be a remote room, and there should be fewer sounds in it.

    How to make an interior room for children

    • Interior nursery, you need to think through in advance. Each child needs a personal space where he can communicate with friends, play and study, and, of course, relax. Children always love to frolic or run, therefore, it is necessary that the nursery be spacious. The nursery can also be divided into 2 zones - a recreation area and a playroom, making a wall of plasterboard or pulling a screen.
    • An important role is played by the color of the walls. Wall-paper can be various flowers with images of the nature or fantastic characters. In the design of the walls it is desirable to use pastel colors, and bring the brightness through pillows and a variety of accessories. Part of the wall can be made in the form of a drawing board, for the manifestation of creativity.
    • It is worth noting that the child is often on the floor, so his cover should not only be of high quality, but also warm, clean and comfortable.Consider also the factor of hypoallergenic coating.
    • The room should contain only high-quality and interesting furniture, as well as accessories that will help your child have fun.
    • For toys, you can use a chest of drawers with a large number of shelves. Also nice to use furniture on wheels. Then the child himself will be able to change the arrangement of his own room. Furniture should not have any bulging parts or bolts.

    How to choose the interior of the kitchen

    • First, draw a kitchen plan. Imagine the arrangement of furniture on it, whether you will have a full kitchen, or whether it will be in a minimalist style.
    • Then determine the list of kitchen appliances. Consider space for dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave and other kitchen utensils.
    • Next, you need to decide on the style of the kitchen. If you prefer the style of "country", therefore, you will need all the necessary accessories - home curtains, flowers in pots, bunches of pepper and onions on the walls, wooden lamp shade and more.
    • You can arrange the kitchen, focusing on only one thing.For example, to make the kitchen "chamomile", you will need chamomiles in a variety of textures - on curtains, refrigerator, towels and plates.
    • Do not forget about saving space if your kitchen is too small. In this case, it is better to use the built-in appliances, high, corner shelves, functional drawers.

    Now, you know all about the interior - how to choose colors, shape, accessories, and what should be repelled.

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