• How to create vray material in 2018

    You will need
    • - a computer;
    • - 3D Max program.
    Create a vray leather material. To do this, run the program 3D Max, click on the menu "Materials»On an empty slot, select Vray Material from the list of new materials. Set the main settings: set the color in the Diffuse tab, then go to the Reflection tab, set the Reflect RGB value to 45 45 45, do not change the Glossiness value, set the value of the number of sub-divs to 8.
    Next, go to the Maps tab, add a black and white skin map to the Bump slot. With its help, the material will be given volume (bulge, streaks, and so on). To understand how this map will look like on an object, click on the Show Standard Map in Viewport cube; stay with it in the Bitmap Parameters tab. Give the object a leather Vray material. Use UVW Mapping for this - it allows you to fine-tune the “Wrapping” of objects with texture.
    Create the Neon Glass material. Start the material editor to create a new Vray material, leave the material type as standard.Specify the following material parameters: select the Shader Basic Parameters rollout, select the Blinn material type in it, activate the Slided option, the Specular color is white, Ambient and Diffuse are also white. Set the Specular Level parameter to 36, the Glossiness parameter to 28, and the Soften parameter to 0.1. Next, go to Extended Parameters to continue creating the Vray material.
    Set the following values ​​for the parameters: Falloff Amount - value 100, Index of Refraction parameter - 1.67. Next, go to the Maps rollout, activate two maps in it, reflection and refraction. Next, configure the first map; the colors of the sides are black and white. Set the Glossiness parameter to 100, and the Subdivs parameter to 3.
    Configure the second map, the color half should have the following values: R - 234, G - 134 and B - 255. The value of the Falloff type parameter should be Perpendicular / Parallel. Open the map settings, set the Refract parameters: Glossiness - 100, Subdivs - 3, Fog multiplier - 0.5. Creating a new vray material is complete.

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