• How to cure a child's cough?

    The treatment method often depends on how the disease is caused by the cough. Therefore, to begin with, it is necessary to understand the cause of the unpleasant symptom, and only then carry out its adequate treatment. Only a specialist can make an accurate diagnosis, which means that it is better not to self-medicate, but to immediately consult a doctor.

    Causes of Cough

    Cough occurs due to various diseases, including:

    • ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection) is the most common cause in childhood;
    • bronchitis or bronchial asthma;
    • inhalation of a foreign object;
    • allergy;
    • adenoids and inflammation of the respiratory organs;
    • whooping cough.

    Traditional treatment

    Once again, it should be noted that coughing is a symptom, so it is important to eliminate its cause. However, if the cough is dry, that is, sputum does not occur, special charges and syrups, called mucolytics, are usually applied, which thin the discharge.

    In order for the child to rest well at night, the doctor may recommend taking a calming antitussive.Its use is permissible when the child literally "crawls" in a cough, which prevents him from falling asleep. With such drugs you need to be careful, as they affect the cough center in the brain, suppressing it. As a result, the sputum remains on the mucous membrane, and this may contribute to the development of inflammatory processes.

    Expectorants are also prescribed, which accelerates sputum separation, helping to quickly get rid of an unpleasant symptom.

    How to cure a cold cough: the main methods

    Anti-inflammatory fees

    With bronchitis and ARVI it helps to relieve inflammation of chamomile or sage. Special ready-made fees are also used. Brew herbs according to the instructions and then give the baby at least a little in the form of heat with an interval of 1-2 hours over several days.


    With the help of inhalation can facilitate the process of sputum. Traditional hot inhalations are used only in the absence of elevated temperature. Otherwise, heating may contribute to an increase in the thermometer readings, which, of course, is undesirable.

    You can use special devices - nebulizers.With the help of ultrasound, they create the smallest drops of a therapeutic substance without using steam and heat.


    Rubbing can be used to relieve cough, but only in cases where there is no temperature. Rubbing is carried out as a special ointment containing echinacea, eucalyptus and other means, and honey (in the absence of an allergy to it).

    Warm alkaline drink

    Soften a painful cough and help to remove phlegm from the respiratory tract helps warm milk with a spoonful of baked butter and buckwheat honey. The preparation is prepared as follows: the milk is heated to 60–70 ° С. While it is hot, the oil dissolves, and after cooling to 40 degrees honey is added. This is done because honey, when heated, loses vitamins and beneficial substances.

    You can drink this remedy several times a day, including at bedtime. It soothes the throat well and soothes the cough.

    Electrophoresis and Magnetotherapy

    These methods are used in the absence of temperature in the conditions of medical institutions. Shown in the case of prolonged cough, weakened immunity and in other cases. Appointed exclusively by a doctor.

    Mustard plasters and cans

    A good cough remedy can be these somewhat forgotten remedies. The warming effect of these methods allows you to activate the protective functions of the body, dilute sputum, increase blood circulation in the respiratory system. They can be carried out only in the absence of temperature. Mustard plasters and banks are not shown to infants and young children.

    On the popular methods of cough relief, read our article How to treat a cough in a child.

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    Special cases of cough


    This disease is usually characterized by a barking powerful cough, redness of the larynx, hoarse voice, painful sensations in the throat. The cause of the disease is often the presence of scarlet fever, whooping cough or measles viruses. Therefore, be sure to visit the pediatrician. And in more detail about treatment tactics read our article How to treat laryngitis | How to treat a cough with laryngitis.


    If the cough is a consequence of an autoimmune disease, first you need to determine which allergen caused the discomfort, then eliminate it, and give the baby antihistamines prescribed by a specialist after a thorough examination.After the course of treatment, the cough must pass without any consequences.

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