• How to cure lichen?

    Deprive is a rash caused by fungi or viruses. There are a number of factors that trigger this disease:

    • viral infections;
    • weak immune system;
    • stress;
    • hypothermia;
    • allergy.

    How to cure lichen: drug treatment

    Medicine offers a range of procedures for the treatment of lichen, including the use of antibiotics, as well as external therapy.

    If the disease is detected in time, you can completely get rid of it in a month. Young people with good immunity are much easier to overcome the disease, the discomfort will disappear quickly. A dermatologist will help to deal with the pathological manifestation by prescribing a qualified treatment that takes into account the depriving stage. Modern immunotherapy can cure even chronic pathologies.

    • Ringworm is treated with antifungal agents that need to lubricate the skin throughout the day. It is also recommended to use iodine, drying the affected areas. If the disease occurs on the head, you should wash your hair with a special shampoo.When a large lesion is used, special ointments containing antibiotics are used. Their composition destroys fungal cells, not allowing them to multiply.
    • Shingles is considered the most intractable. It is contagious and is accompanied by pain. Get rid of this disease will help the internal and external means. Anesthetic, anti-allergic and anti-microbial agents are prescribed to the patient. This type of lichen cannot be treated on its own.
    • Pityriasis versicolor is a fairly mild form of the disease, it is treated with the help of external remedies and ointments.
    • The course of treatment for flat lichen should be taken only in a medical institution. Creams, ointments and preparations are used as remedies.
    • Ultraviolet rays that kill the fungus will help to get rid of multi-colored lichen. Peeling and softening agents will be equally effective.

    Traditional methods of treatment of lichen

    Folk remedies will also help get rid of the disease. Resort to them should be only after consulting a dermatologist. A more effective result will bring the combination of medical treatment and recipes of traditional medicine.

    • At the first manifestations of a rash, the small vesicles depriving need to be rubbed with a twist cut in half.
    • It is possible to cure ringworm with the help of sifted rye flour, if every day it is carefully lubricated with areas of damaged hair.
    • Pink lichen treat homemade ointment, which must be prepared by mixing a chicken egg and a spoonful of tar soap.
    • Fresh viburnum juice will help to speed up the healing process. They need to lubricate each skin inflammation.
    • Another way to get rid of ringworm is to rub a mixture of garlic juice and castor oil into the skin.
    • Alcohol tincture of garlic will help to treat the scalp. The tool should be daily rubbed into the hair throughout the week.
    • Compressions of birch leaves will be suitable for the treatment of lichen planus. To prepare a remedy, birch leaves are poured on and applied to the affected areas. Applying such compresses for two weeks, the patient will achieve complete elimination of the disease.
    • Apple cider vinegar attached to the inflamed areas will relieve herpes zoster.
    • Treatment with paper fat is considered effective.To obtain it, a sheet of paper and a newspaper are folded in a funnel and set on a plate with a wide end. Then set fire to the top and wait until the sheet burns. After that, on the plate will remain a spot of fat, which lubricated the affected skin.

    The use of medicinal or folk remedies should be immediately stopped if the patient's state of health worsens or the size of inflammations on the skin increases.

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