• How to cut yourself with a typewriter?

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    How to cut yourself with a typewriter?

    There are many salons that offer hairdressing services, but visiting a hairdresser may not always be convenient, and it also costs money. Therefore, more and more men tend to buy a clipper and cut their hair at home. Learning how to cut hair with a machine is not difficult at all.

    Tips before cutting

    Before you cut your hair, it is better to wash and dry your head, so that your hair becomes “alive” and easier to cut. In addition, hair fat clogs the machine and tupit its blade.

    If the hair is long enough, you must also comb it well to get rid of knots that can fall on the teeth of the machine.

    Haircut process

    The rules for how to cut oneself with a machine and how to cut another person are approximately the same. Before you start a haircut, you need to decide on the length of hair that you want to end up with. In accordance with this, you need to pick up the necessary attachment on the blade and fix it on the handle of the machine.This is followed by the process of cutting.

    In order to successfully cut yourself, you need a fairly large mirror. The whole head should be visible in it and a little - shoulders. It is also necessary to arrange the mirror as comfortable as possible, since all the tension during the haircut will be directed to the hands. Also in the second part of the process will need another mirror. It is necessary in order to properly cut the back of your head and align the haircut.

    Starting an independent haircut will be most convenient with bangs. If the hair is long enough, you need to comb it forward and raise the comb. To the roots you need to bring the machine and move against the growth of hair to the very crown or to the hair whirl. The first lane should be strictly in the center of the head. Further, with the same movements, it is necessary to move first to one ear, then again from the center - to the second.

    Understanding how to cut the machine, you need to pay attention to the fact that long hair is best to use is not the shortest nozzle. If there is a desire to cut short short hair, it should be done in two stages. First you need to make a longer haircut, and only then - a short one.

    It should be remembered that you do not need to change the angle of the machine.Its blades are initially adapted so that the nozzle is strictly touching the head.

    Having processed the front of the head, you must go to the back of the head. There will already need another mirror, which will be in the hand free from the machine. It will be necessary to look in a small mirror, and in the big one the occipital part will be displayed. The back of the head must also be cut against the growth of hair, these will be movements from the bottom up, that is, from the neck to the top of the head.

    Having finished the haircut of the main mass of hair, you need to get rid of all the irregularities of the haircut. It is worth paying attention to the temples, bangs, the area behind the ears, as well as the edge at the back of the head. In this case, you must also choose a special nozzle for this.

    For a better understanding, you can watch a video on how to cut a typewriter on our page.

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