• How to deal with fogging glasses in the car?

    First, let's deal with the main cause of fog on the glass. This is a fairly obvious point. Moisture on the glass is condensed from the air inside the cabin, and the reason for this is the temperature difference at the interface. After all, glass (in the case of insufficient heating) has a lower temperature than the other parts inside the cabin. That is why it is moisture condensation.

    In order to keep the car windows clean and transparent, there are several proven tools.

    1. Since the cause is excessive moisture, there are two options to get rid of it. Air properly interior or warm it. It is necessary to warm up so that the bath turned out and the water eventually dried out. After such a warm-up it will remain to open the windows and the pair will disappear instantly.

    2. If simple ventilation does not help, and glass blowing fails, you will probably have to go further.Since inside your cabin aquarium, you need to give an outlet to these couples. You can make additional holes in the luggage compartment, so that the moisture could even evaporate somewhere.

    3. Carefully check the air circulation system. Often the airflow is contaminated or the connecting pipes of the system fall off. Therefore, the incoming air is not enough to dry the condensate.

    4. Exclude all materials and items that can absorb moisture. This is an extra source of fog and condensate. Use rubber mats and do not make fur steering wheel. Do not allow the appearance of puddles inside the cabin. Clean boots and clothes from snow.

    5. If no options help, there are special chemical compounds that can prevent condensation on the glass. They are based on the same principle that is used in diving mask facilities. A thin film is formed on the glass that prevents condensation and dew.

    6. If the special agent was not at hand, a regular onion can help you! The meaning here is the same - the essential oils of onion will not allow the dew to appear on the glass.This is a cheap and easy way, but there will definitely be a bad smell. In some cases, can pinch the eyes, so you need to use it with caution.

    7. Other means capable of forming a film on glass will do. Dishwashing detergent may be suitable. Also, you need to keep in mind that dirty glass is sweating faster.

    Regardless of which method you choose to clean, you need to remember that poor visibility is one of the main causes of an emergency.

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