• How to deal with seasonal irritation on the hands

    It is not enough to know, with the beginning of skin irritation. It would not be superfluous to know why skin can suddenly become irritated. This will allow you to choose the best method of treatment and prevention.

    Causes of skin irritation

    There are several major factors affecting the body:
    - sharp temperature drop, cold air;
    - the use of cosmetics, which include substances that do not correspond to the type of skin;
    - clothes made of synthetic or coarse fabrics: sweaters, shirts, tunics;
    - Itching and redness on the hands may appear due to improper diet and lack of necessary vitamins.

    Tips against seasonal irritation

    If it is a serious allergy, infection or chronic disease, you should contact a specialized doctor and undergo treatment under his control. With a mild form of dermatitis, it will be easy to cope with the problem at home using simple methods.
    A soothing bath is the first thing to do.To make it you need one teaspoon of starch pour 300 g of warm water. In this solution, hold your hands for 20-30 minutes. To do a bath regularly.
    Prepare a softening mask. As it is suitable mixture of oatmeal and olive oil. Add about 5 drops of lemon juice and glycerol. Apply to hand until irritation symptoms disappear.
    In order to prevent irritation in your hands most fruitfully, you can do the following: apply a thick layer of hand cream, wear cotton gloves and leave it to soak until the morning.
    One of the best creams are those that include glycerin and lanolin.
    To cope with itching on your hands, you can use powders from rice or potato starch.
    After applying any treatment options, you must carefully monitor the changes that occur. If after a long period of time the situation is aggravated or does not change, it is necessary to consult a doctor.
    If the skin is gentle enough and can instantly react to pathogens, you should follow the usual prophylaxis.First of all, wash your hands with soft water and only mild soap. Hands should be wiped dry and regularly lubricated with a moisturizer. When the temperature is low, make sure your hands are always warm.

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