• How to decorate a photo?

    In this lesson we will discuss with you several ways on how to decorate a photo using the program "Photoshop" (Adobe Photoshop). Of course, there are quite a few ways to decorate photos in Photoshop, but some of them require very solid skills. We will acquaint you with those who do not require in-depth knowledge of this program and which allow you to do it in just a few minutes.

    How to decorate a beautiful photo

    To get started, open the original photo - the most simple, which are probably a lot in your family digital archive. Now use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J to create a copy of the layer. Next, open the Selection tool and select "Rectangular Area" there. With this tool, make a rectangular selection on any desired area of ​​the photo. Then, using the already known keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J, copy the selection to a new layer, on the “Image” tab, find the “Correction” and “Desaturate” items, with which you can discolor the selected area.Next, go to the layer with the selected fragment and double-click on it with the left mouse button: a window with layer styles will appear. Here begins, perhaps, the most interesting work in Photoshop: the selection of different styles for the layer. A little advice: put the parameters, looking carefully at the picture, which will change depending on the settings used. Suppose we chose the "Shadow" effect. Now go to the “External Glow” tab, without closing the “Shadow” tab. In the new tab, pay attention to the size of the glow, more precisely, its elements. Well, it's time to decorate our photo with some elements. They can be any: flowers, stars, hearts, cars, airplanes, fruit, vegetables, etc., etc. For decoration, select the necessary element in the PSD source code (they are easy to download, and there are many in the program itself) and drag it onto the photo using Moving. Now, on the Edit tab, find Transform and then Scale and reduce your shapes with a marker to the desired size. To maintain the proportions, hold down the Shift key. If you want, you can use the mirror image of objects, which is available in the “Flip Horizontally” item in the Transform menu.With the help of "Move" move objects where you want. The main thing is to make sure that the work is carried out on the appropriate layer. After that save the result and enjoy the refreshed photo.

    How to decorate a photo for free (the second way)

    This method is suitable for those who want to surprise a loved one. First create a new file and select the “Gradient” tool. Next, select black in the foreground, white in the back, and create a gradient from left to right. On top of the gradient, insert the shape of the person you want to decorate. Now select the Brush tool and create a new layer above the shape layer. Use the brush to create a scattering effect, and to make the scattering look more realistic, choose colors that match the body color. During the scattering is better to change the size of the brush. In addition, you can select several areas from which to take the corresponding colors. Then remove the “disappeared” areas by overlaying the layer with the mask layer shape, adjusting the brightness and contrast settings. Create new layers if you need to apply this effect to other parts of the body.A very good effect comes from using a brush called “Galaxy” and applying the Radial Blur effect - check for yourself. Only after that you need to change the settings of this layer to Overlay. The background is created using the Hue / Saturation element — just select the appropriate color settings in the settings. Layer colors can also be changed using the Color Overlay Style tool. You have not forgotten about our first layer with scattering? Open it and select the area in which you want to make changes. To do this, use the Lasso tool. That's all - now, if you wish, you can add some text with the help of simple manipulations. So just decorate a photo online - go for it!

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