• How to decorate a regular t-shirt and a t-shirt with your own hands

    Each girl has her own ideas about fashion, everyone has their own tastes and preferences, but almost everyone has happened so that the things that we offer in the stores do not like, seem boring or tasteless, and those that you like would cost a lot of money.

    Therefore, today we will talk about ways to help turn the most ordinary and boring T-shirt into an interesting and fashionable. In order to master such lessons it is not at all necessary to be a genius or an extremely creative person, you just need a little imagination, desire and time.

    DIY T-shirts Photos

    There are many different ways that help turn the most ordinary T-shirt or T-shirt into a creative and fashionable thing. What is the beauty of the hand-made creation of such things is that you, in fact, get a unique thing, an exclusive, which no one else will have.

    And even if you follow the described lessons, you can always make something of your own, thereby protecting yourself from falling into the “same” circles.Before you get to work, stock up with all the necessary material so that at the most crucial moment you do not have to go shopping to find the right piece of fabric or missing paint.

    How to decorate a shirt or t-shirt with your own hands?

    First you need to decide on the thing that will be subject to alteration. If you are more likely to cut something with scissors, it is better to choose a cotton T-shirt or T-shirt, as they will not reach out and lose shape, as their stretch models.

    unusual t-shirts do it yourself photo

    It is also necessary to focus on the fact that not always, especially from the first time, it may turn out ideally that you wanted, therefore, it is better to train yourself initially on the thing that will not be a pity to spoil and throw out in case of failure. Then we decide on what method to choose and start creating.

    We decorate the back of an old T-shirt or T-shirt

    The deep cut on the back has always looked very stylish and sexy, and if you have something to boast about, then proceed to the bare back. Gentle and romantic girls will suit a T-shirt, which has a huge neckline in the shape of a heart on the back. In order to make such a fashionable T-shirt, it is enough to get sharp scissors, small, adhesive fabric tape and ordinary silk ribbon. So, more in detail.

    Heart shaped cutout

    In order to beautifully decorate a simple T-shirt, you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort. Choose a free cut jersey, carefully lay it out on a hard surface. We take a sheet of paper, it is necessary to depict a neat heart of those sizes, which will be on your T-shirt.

    How to decorate your own T-shirt and T-shirt with your own hands photo

    To make the heart proportional, the easiest way to fold a sheet of paper in half, draw one half, the middle of the heart will be on the fold. Then open the sheet, get a flat heart, and cut it with scissors.

    We apply it to a T-shirt, we find its center, we outline the stencil with chalk. Then, with sharp scissors, carefully cut out the heart along the outlined contour. We take the adhesive fabric tape, apply it along the contour of the formed heart and heat treat it - iron it.

    Glue will transfer to the fabric, remove the tape, and we turn our attention to the silk tape. Due to the adhesive substance along the contour, it is easily superimposed, the ends of the tape are bent inward so that the threads do not stick out. If you have not found such adhesive tape, it does not matter, the tape can be sewn with threads to match a secret stitch.

    Skeletal cutout

    We take the usual shirt-wrestling, it is better if it is black. We take a pencil and draw a “spine” on the back, that is, we mark the central line, on which small cuts will go one after the other, about 3-4 cm wide.

    Thus, we draw the spine, then proceed to the edges, thin lines at a distance of 2 centimeters from each other. Then inside the T-shirt is better to put a sheet of cardboard, so that during the cutting of parts, not to damage the front side of the T-shirt.

    skull on the back photo

    Then we take sharp scissors and carefully cut the lines, if where it is not too smooth, it does not matter, it will give a special charm to your product. When the cuts are ready, the fabric between them will curl up into tubes, thus forming cute and attractive “ribs”.

    Mikey, of course, can be decorated not only on the back, and not only a variety of cutouts. Abundance of decor is now in fashion, for example, rhinestones, lace, beads, ribbons, spikes and rivets are welcome, which, as well as possible, will be able to decorate any T-shirt or t-shirt. Let us give an example of several popular and unusual ways.

    Decorate T-shirt with lace

    To create an attractive T-shirt with lace, you need a rather spacious T-shirt and lace fabric, sharp scissors and a thread with needles.Choose laces so that they are combined with the tone of T-shirts, now pastel colors are very popular: white, beige, cream and champagne.

    t-shirt with lace photo

    We cut the T-shirt on the seam from the collar to the end of the sleeve, from one side and the other. Then we measure off a strip of laces 5-6 centimeters wide, cut it along the length of the sleeve and sew it into the ripped seam, thereby expanding the sleeve. On the chest, you can make a lace pocket or add lace to the bottom of the shirt. To do this, cut off the bottom of the shirt, and in its place sew lace.

    Old lightning is always needed!

    Cut the old shirt on the back from the center of the neck to the middle of the back. On this place we sew old, but it is better that it was contrasting and with runners in two ends, a zipper. Thus, we get a new open-top jersey, if you want to unzip. The seam can be decorated with rivets and sequins, and if you wish, you can combine two styles in one, for example the decoration of a T-shirt with a zipper and lace.

    T-shirt photo decoration options

    How to decorate a white T-shirt or T-shirt with paint?

    For this you will need special paints for fabrics, for example acrylic, a few brushes and cardboard.First, decide what you want to draw on a T-shirt, sketch a sketch on a piece of paper, you can even make a stencil.

    we decorate an old t-shirt photo

    You can, for example, make a very colorful T-shirt, which will be decorated with a smooth transition of colors. To do this, we wet the T-shirt in places where there will be murals, and then apply different colors with a brush, preferably combined with each other, they begin to spread over the surface. Then the pattern should be allowed to dry.

    If you want to give a pattern clear boundaries, you can use the technique of hot batik: areas of the area that will not be painted, soaked with hot wax, usually do it with a brush.

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