• How to decorate the walls in the bathroom mosaic

    You will need
    • - notched trowel;
    • - assembly knife;
    • - metal tweezers;
    • - construction mixer;
    • - grout;
    • - rubber spatulas.
    In the modern building materials market there is a huge range of a wide variety of mosaic variants, but not all of them are suitable for use in the bathroom. For such premises it is best to use a ceramic or glass mosaic. As for its size, for laying out patterns and accurate images, take small tiles, and for mounting simple coverings - a mosaic with larger elements of a blue, turquoise or beige shade.
    In addition to the material itself, you need to choose the glue brand that is ideal for the type of tile you choose. Its quantity will depend on the estimated consumption per square meter of the finished surface. You will find this indicator in the instructions for use of the adhesive composition.
    Laying mosaic tiles must be done exclusively on a carefully prepared surface.The end result will depend on how seriously you take it. First of all, clean the surface of the old coatings and existing contaminants.
    Work on the alignment of the walls, achieving a completely flat surface without any differences in height. Treat the leveled surface with a primer for better adhesion of the base to the adhesive.
    After the base for laying the mosaic tile is ready, give it time to stand. It will take at least ten days. This preparation of the surface is not needed if the walls in your bathroom and without it are perfectly smooth.
    Once the base is completely dry, you can proceed directly to laying the mosaic. If you want to decorate the walls of the bathroom with a small mosaic pattern, first lay it on the floor, and only then transfer it to the wall in small fragments. To do this, using a notched trowel to distribute the composition evenly over the surface, apply a layer of glue on the wall, the thickness of which should not exceed 1 cm, and carefully apply a mosaic element to this place.This will allow to consolidate the mosaic as safely as possible. In the same way lay out the remaining elements.
    After the glue is completely dry, and this happens after 24�48 hours, grout the joints. To do this, use a rubber spatula to distribute the grout along the seams. An hour after application, remove the excess, and after another 15 minutes, polish the mosaic surface with a dry cloth.

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