• How to delete a Facebook account?

    Oksana Vasilyeva
    Oksana Vasilyeva
    October 1, 2014
    How to delete a Facebook account?

    In some social networks there is a function of deletion and subsequent restoration of the account (within a certain time), in others the page is deleted without the possibility of recovery. But on Facebook, you can deactivate your account (delete for a while) or delete permanently. Let's learn how to delete a Facebook account.

    Deactivation - temporary shutdown

    After deactivation, your profile will not be available for searching and viewing by third-party users, but all information will be saved in it.

    How to deactivate your account? To do this, perform the following actions:

    1. In the main top menu, select the leftmost icon (triangle point down).
    2. In the expanded menu, select the item "Settings".
    3. In the window that appears in the menu on the left, select the item "Security".
    4. In the right part of the window at the bottom we see the inscription "Deactivate the account." Click on it.
    5. We get to the deactivation page, where we indicate the reason and confirm the temporary deletion of the profile.
    6. In the window that appears, enter the password of your profile, click the "Disable Now" button.
    7. We pass the "Security check", where we enter two code words.

    You can restore profile activity at any time convenient for you by entering your previous login and password to log in to Facebook.

    Deleting a profile

    Unlike deactivation, deleting a profile does not imply the possibility of its subsequent restoration. That is, your profile is not blocked, becoming just invisible and inaccessible to search, and completely removed from the social network.

    To delete a Facebook account permanently, follow these steps:

    1. We pass.
    2. On the opened page, we see the button “Delete my account” and click on it.
    3. In the new window that opens, enter the password and control words.
    4. We receive a system notice that the profile will be permanently deleted within two weeks. That is, for these 14 days, you can still restore your account.

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