• How to determine the development strategy of the company at the start

    Brand - goal or development strategy?

    Every entrepreneur wants his company to become a full-fledged brand. Therefore, many start the company start by ordering the creation of a brand book and conducting a powerful advertising campaign. On the one hand, this is correct, because without advertising no one will know about you. A corporate identity is better to implement from the very first day of working with partners or customers. On the other hand, the goal to create a brand will be impossible if the development of a strategy does not take into account such moments as competitiveness and work with the internal and external public of the company.
    A brand is fame, respect and demand. Agree, all this is a good goal and a weighty reward for the work done. But in order to go the same way as the world's leading corporations (Coca-Cola, Sony, Mikrosoft, etc.) have passed, a clear plan is needed.How to create it?

    Development Strategy: the devil is in the details

    How many years are you going to be engaged in this business? Where do you start? How will expand the scope of services? What funds are you going to invest and when are you planning to make a profit? Where will you take orders, how to sell products?
    Developing a development strategy should take into account the answers to these questions and to the million others. It is necessary to provide everything. But to do this in the first days of work is incredibly difficult - because you still do not know what “surprises” tomorrow is preparing for you.
    Therefore, to start, create a so-called “master” development plan. Indicate in it the stages of the life course of your company. Write in the plan: from which partners to buy, how to deliver, store and take into account goods, how to recruit staff and teach them to sell (by the way, it will not be superfluous to order a coach for your new team), where, when and how to open the first store, what advertising choose an accompaniment (and if you need an online store in addition to advertising in the media) - and what to do next. Make it a hotel point to study the market - you need to do this all the time, because competitors are not asleep, and the market is undergoing changes.
    The important points of the plan should be various actions and events.These can be presentations organized for partners, suppliers and investors. Days of discounts, sales and gifts that may attract additional customers to you. Make a plan for working with the team of your company - it will include meetings, reporting days, training, corporate events.
    Set yourself realistic goals and mark the dates and ways to achieve them. Constantly look for new ways and new options for presenting your product - let this work become one of the most important points in your development strategy. Try to think about every detail and every little thing (like Coca-Cola, which changed the shape of bottles several times, produced drinks for different target groups, experimented with additives, etc.). Conduct research (do customer surveys, analyze sales results) according to the schedule you have developed. And constantly supplement your general strategy, bringing it in line with the information received and experience gained. Then start the business will be successful, and you can grow your own brand!

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