• How to disassemble the iPhone 4?

    In this article we will look at detailed instructions on how to disassemble the iPhone 4S and 4. Consider in detail the process of replacing components such as the back cover, battery, display and protective front glass. To do this, you need to disassemble the phone.

    Reasons for disassembling the iPhone

    These skills can be applied in the following cases:

    • your gadget fell, and the rear or front glass broke;
    • the battery started to charge badly;
    • The screen has stopped working completely or partially.

    And here are interesting options for the reasons why you might suddenly need an independent repair:

    • At various online auctions there is a replacement battery for iPhone4 and iPhone4S, Gold Replacement Battery. It does not differ in size from the standard, but significantly exceeds its capacity.
    • You can also replace the back cover of iPhone4S or iPhone4 with a non-standard one. It can be, for example, a different color, transparent or even metallic.
    • But, if this seems too little, then you can go on. Take and replace not only the back panel, but also the front one. The result will be a completely different phone, new and unusual.
    • Or maybe it's time to buy an iPhone5 (depending on who has any plans), and for this you need to sell the previous model.To do this, you need to prepare the device for sale and bring it in perfect condition.

    IPhone4 and 4S disassembly

    But now we are moving on to the main question, how to disassemble the iPhone4. If at least one of the above reasons prompts you to disassemble the device, then you need to be patient and the following tools:

    • Clock screwdriver, hex;
    • Screwdriver watch, cross;
    • Plastic mediator;
    • Thin curved needle;
    • Clamp or forceps.

    To disassemble the iPhone4, unlike the previous iPhone models, you will not need any hair dryers and soldering irons. It should be borne in mind that all tools for disassembling the device must be plastic. The only exception will be a screwdriver. Thanks to this measure of precaution, the device can be protected as much as possible from damage, and not create unnecessary problems for itself.

    It is quite difficult to find a hex screwdriver, which will unscrew the bottom end bolts. It is better to buy the whole set of tools together, in one set.

    Well, let's get started. Take the iPhone. How to disassemble it, read below.

    1. Turn off the machine.
    2. At the bottom of the device, unscrew the two screws that hold the back cover.
    3. Slide the cover with a slight movement of the hand from the bottom up.
    4. The lid is now easily removed. If the purpose of disassembly was to replace only the rear cover, then you need to install a new one, push it back and tighten the bolts in place. In the case when you need to change the display or battery, move on.
    5. Remove the screw that holds the battery holder.
    6. Pry off the cable latch gently.
    7. Pull the “tongue”, designed to push the battery.
    8. If the goal of disassembling was only replacing the battery, then you need to install a new one and do all the work in the reverse order. If you need a replacement display, then work continues.
    9. Remove the SIM card from the SIM receiver.
    10. Then unscrew the two bolts that are above the battery cable.
    11. Disconnect the cable gently.
    12. Unscrew the screw hidden under the cable.
    13. Unscrew the 5 screws that hold the upper protective plate.
    14. Remove it.
    15. Disable camera loop.
    16. Remove the camera module.
    17. Disconnect 5 loops that are at the top of the device.
    18. Remove the screw that secures the motherboard.
    19. Remove the motherboard.
    20. Unscrew the screw that holds the lower protective bar.
    21. Remove the bar.
    22. Remove the two screws located at the audio connector.
    23. Remove the screw that secures the audio connector to the frame.
    24. Remove all screws that still continue to fasten the frame around the perimeter.
    25. Separate the screen unit from the frame.
    26. Disconnect the structure.
    27. If you need to replace the front glass or screen unit, then you need to change them and collect everything in the reverse order.

    Independent disassembly of the iPhone has long been possible. How to disassemble the device, described in detail above. Try it yourself.

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