• How to distinguish the original alcohol from a fake. This is what you should pay attention to

    Whenever possible, we all do not deny ourselves the purchase of high-quality and expensive items or products. Whether it's original clothes from fashion brands or advanced devices from leading manufacturers of equipment, such purchases significantly improve the quality of our life, influence self-esteem and position in society. Of course, sometimes you have to sacrifice status for the sake of saving money and buy products of lesser-known brands, which in quality are inferior to advertised brands.

    But there are spheres of life on which it is better not to save. These include alcohol and food. Therefore, it is important to be able to choose original and quality drinks, as counterfeit manufacturers often manage to place their low-quality goods on store shelves.In addition, the use of counterfeit alcohol hits not only your wallet, but also for health reasons.

    With our advice you will no longer buy a cheap fake under the guise of branded whiskey or brandy. A little tricks in the pictures below will help you to correctly recognize the falsification in the store.

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