• How to do glazing hair at home

    You will need
    • - tint dye with activator;
    • - stabilizer;
    • - hair conditioner;
    • - tassel;
    • - a bowl for mixing formulations;
    • - gloves
    Wash before starting the procedure.hairs, dry slightly and apply on them a nourishing mask corresponding to the structure of yourhair. After 30 minutes, rinse with warm water.
    Carefully mix the two parts of the activator and one part of the coloring dye in a bowl. The mixture should be a gel-like, light pearly shade, without admixture of air bubbles.
    Wear gloves and, using a brush, evenly distribute the resulting mass onhairs, applying it from root to tip.
    Massage the strands for a few minutes.hair�for uniform distribution of the composition.
    Cover your head with a plastic cap and calmly go about your business for 20-30 minutes. During this time, the mixture will penetrate into the structurehairand nourishes it.
    Wash off without shampoo. To fix a resistant color, apply onhairs stabilizer. After five minutes, remove it with warm water.
    At the end of the procedure, use the conditioner, evenly distributing it over the entire length.hair. It will help to consolidate the effect of glazing. Split and damagedhairWe treat nourishing masks to suit your type.hair. In this case, the air conditioner should be abandoned.
    Remember that some ingredients of the composition can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, before starting the glazing procedure, conduct a test on a small area of the scalp and strands.hair.

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