• How to download a free book?

    Paper books are still in price, but more and more often they are losing the palm of superiority to their electronic counterparts, the so-called readers. They are good because you can download hundreds and thousands of works that will always be at hand. Also, many people like to read books in electronic format on a computer. It is convenient and easy. However, not everyone knows how to download a book for free. This article will serve as a guide on this issue.

    Where is it worth downloading books

    If you type in the search engine the title of the work with the indication of the author, you will be offered various sites for downloading books. It would seem, nothing complicated, go to the first available link and download the desired file. But not everything is so simple. Many sites will certainly be paid. They will require you to send a text message, enter a phone number or sign a supposedly trial subscription. You should not do this, you just lose the money you can spend on something useful. Even if you write in the search query “how to download a book for free,” you can easily get to the fraudulent site.Several download services:

    • Depositfiles. File sharing will offer to choose from two types of downloads. Click on “Free”. We'll have to wait just 60 seconds, and the "download file" button will appear. Click it, and soon the book will be on your computer.
    • Rapidshare The English language file hosting service includes various electronic libraries. You can become a premium user or download books for free. Once you are on the page with the desired book, click the "Free" button located in the lower right corner of the screen. After a short wait (from 10 to 60 seconds), a combination of characters will appear. Enter it in a special window and click the Download button. Done!
    • Torrents. First of all, you need a special program that allows you to download files from torrent trackers. For example, it may be μTorrent. Install it on your computer and open it. Download the book you need. Open the file and confirm the download with the “OK” button. In the program, you can select the folder where the downloaded content will be saved.

    Learn more about where to download books, you can find in the article Where to download books for free.

    All these methods are simple, fast and, most importantly, free.

    How to open files in different formats

    When you download a book, you may find that it does not open in Word.Do not be in a hurry to get upset; you do not need to look again for the appropriate file. The table clearly shows how to open files of different formats.

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