• How to draw a child?

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    How to draw a child?

    Today we will get acquainted with the portrait technique. You will learn many interesting things about how to draw a child. We will learn to draw the face of a child, based on the characteristics of children's physiology. In general, it must be said that the portrait requires great skill, and the portrait technique is considered the most difficult to draw with a pencil. Of course, we will not be able to tell everything here, but you will learn about the basic principles of how to draw a portrait of a child.

    How to draw a child with a pencil

    To begin with, it must be said that the children's pencil portrait is a separate genre in the visual arts. It is distinguished by its specific character and originality, since a child’s face has special proportions and is very much different from an adult person. Therefore, we believe that help in drawing the face of a child will certainly be useful to many. To properly understand the technique of drawing a child with a pencil, you need to carefully study its physiological features.

    The child has large eyes, the lines of the nose and chin are soft, and the eyebrows are often not expressed at all. In addition, the child’s figure also has some specific features. The children's head, as a rule, is disproportionately large compared to the body. Also be sure to pay attention to the ratio of the body and limbs of the child. The hands of a child often reach the hips, while the hands of an adult usually reach only the mid-thighs. Note also that children's legs are usually equal to the length of his body in proportion.

    Some artists disdain modern technologies, but still, before starting to draw a child with a pencil, it would be nice to take a photo of him in the same pose and composition in which you would like to draw a child. The fact is that children do not differ in particular assiduity, and with this photo you will greatly facilitate the task both to yourself and to the child. In addition, the photograph can help you to determine the spatial planar lines, because in the portrait they should be reflected first.

    In order to keep the proportions of the child, you can make horizontal markings directly on the photo.She will show you what and in what square should be. Professional artists usually do it by sight, but if you do not have enough experience in the visual arts, it's better to listen to this advice. So, we plotted and determined the proportions both in the photo and on the sheet of paper. It now remains to transfer to each cell its corresponding traits. Also, experienced artists advise beginners when working with facial features to expose cells to smaller divisions in order to more accurately reflect the facial expression of the model. Now you know about the main features of how to draw a child in stages, because the described method allows you to start with the part of the body that you prefer. We hope that our advice will be useful to you and with all our hearts we wish you success in the difficult art work!

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