• How to draw a mermaid in stages?

    Yana Lisitsina
    Yana Lisitsina
    October 1, 2014
    How to draw a mermaid in stages?

    Mermaid - one of the most touching and good characters of children's fairy tales. Learning to draw this charming cartoon character, following our advice, is not at all difficult.

    Preparation for work

    A novice artist is better to first learn how to draw a mermaid with a pencil. To do this, it is better to choose harder leads - the lines from them are very thin, easily erased with an eraser. Eraser should be chosen such that it does not leave marks and stains on paper, does not damage the surface of the sheet.

    After the main drawing is ready, you can cover it with softer pencils or paint it with paints, gel pens, felt-tip pens.

    Instructions for drawing the little mermaid

    We propose to draw a mermaid in stages, starting with basic shapes and lines. AndMermaidit is better to immediately outline the position of both the head and the body, and then gradually detail the picture.

    1. First, draw a circle on a sheet and divide it by not too straight cross lines into 4 sectors.This is the basis for the head, face.
    2. Now from the circle down and to the left we draw an arcuate line, approximately in its middle we draw a triangle - this is the basis for the body of the little mermaid. Slightly lower than the head, we draw a dash perpendicular to the previous line, marking the mermaid's shoulders with it. From her downward we drop two more lines - hands. You can also make an approximate outline of the location of the joints - this will make the further drawing even more symmetrical.
    3. Next, we will draw a mermaid, gradually detailing the features outlined to this. We start with the head and face. We draw beautiful big eyes with lush eyelashes and neat eyebrows, plump lips, a neat nose tick. Little face is ready. Above him, make sketches of hair - with mermaids they are usually very lush and long.
    4. It was the turn of the body. Taking the marked lines as a basis, we put the outlines of the neck, shoulders and arms, chest, hips and tail.
    5. We proceed to the detailed drawing of the picture. We decorate hair with flowers, draw clothes for the mermaid in the upper part of the body, the tip of the tail, in some places we show scales.

    Then you can do or shading, the imposition of shadows and light accents on individual parts of the picture, or coloring mermaids.You can also draw the thematic environment of the fish (for example, the coast or the river, the little mermaid's friends), come up with different outfits and hairstyles.

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